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Adobe Stock Audio


Adobe Stock Audio is here to kickstart your creative juices and level up your projects!

Launched in 2015, Adobe Stock is a service that provides creatives all over the world access to high end stock images and video  for your creative projects saving you hours of time looking for that perfect bit of visual content and more importantly allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best.. creating . Could not get any better than that right? 


To celebrate Adobe Stock’s five-year anniversary, Adobe announced the launch of Adobe Stock audio, an exciting integration between Adobe Stock and Adobe’s video editing program “Premiere Pro” that enables you  to access over 30,000 audio tracks without having to leave your video editing software. 

No scrolling through tabs after tab on the Internet signing up to music other music libraries, trying to read the small print to find out what kind of license you need for your project…no forget that…..all of it can be done inside the premiere pro software saving you time and letting you get on with what you need to do best. create awesome content

To prove how kick ass it is, Adobe teamed up with 13 talented filmmakers from all over the world and challenged them to produce a film in under five days with unlimited access to Adobe Stock footage, and Adobe stock sound.

The shorts were premiered at the Adobe Stock Film Festival’s. The first ever film festival to be created without a single camera. Keep listening to the show to find out how things went down.

But don’t forget. For all of your stock image video and now audio needs all in one place….save yourself a bunch of time and use adobe stock audio!

Adobe Stock Audio

Music plays a key role in adding emotion, feeling and mood to a video, podcast or any creative project for that matter! As it determines how an audience feels and engages with the story. So, this is where Adobe Stock comes into play. Adobe Stock audio gives you access to thousands of high quality, royalty free music tracks.

These audio pieces are sourced from world class award winning artists and industry providers. They are really really good as well, they’re fantastic! The service is incredible too as it can easily find the perfect track for whatever you’re working on in minutes!

Right from within Adobe Premiere Pro, with an intuitive in app search experience. Allowing you to browse expertly curated music libraries to get the right tone for projects.

There’s an effortless licensing process and flexible pricing plans, Adobe Stock audio gives you access to royalty free music for all types of media projects. Adobe Stock audio’s providers of mood and genre music from Epidemic Sound and Jamendo!


  • Effortless one-click save and license feature
  • Easy access with Premiere Pro Integration
  • Intuitive and powerful search using Adobe Sensei

Adobe Stock is working in partnership with Epidemic Sound to launch ‘Storytellin Smooth’ an inspiration meets educational content series of compelling stories from creators who understand the importance of music and showcase the impact it has on video production.

Check out Adobe Stock on Instagram for ongoing updates around this!

(Adobe Stock)

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RODE Rodecaster Pro Podcast Studio

The RØDECaster™ Pro is the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio and we absolutely ADORE it! It is so good! If you are a podcaster the Rode RODECaster Pro, is the podcast production studio that you need!

There’s a total of 4 high quality (and we mean HIGH quality) microphone channels available to you. The device will also power studio condenser microphones. Alongside regular dynamic microphones. Automatically connect microphones for all users and set the levels automatically. Plus there’s one touch recording to a micro SD card. You can also record audio from USB, Bluetooth and a TRRS cable!

Furthermore you’re able to record directly into your audio program of choice such as Adobe Audition or Logic. You may also record (via an update) either via multitrack (which allows the device to record each channel individually) or as a stereo mix (which records all channels as 1) Though, with the Rode RODECaster Pro, you’ll be up and recording within minutes of getting this fantastic device out of the box.

Sound Effects and Jingles

The RØDECaster Pro comes with eight programmable sound effects pads, allowing you to get creative with your podcasts. If you’ve listened to How To Kill An Hour lately you’ll be able to see how we’ve integrated these into the show. They’re sounding so good! Instantly trigger sound effects, music, jingles, ads, whatever you want really! It’s perfect for stepping up your game. Even record audio directly into the programmable pads via any of the inputs. While you can also put the audio in the conventional drag and drop way via the supplied software. Plus, change the colours of the pads easily to differentiate which pad is which piece of audio.

Phone calls

Connect via Bluetooth or a TRRS cable and the Rode RODECaster Pro automatically provides ‘mix-minus’ to prevent audio to be heard by the caller. Telephone calls for us got so much easier!






Class A Servo-biased Preamps

The RODECaster Pro has pristine preamps and outputs feature Class A circuitry which is found in broadcast centres around the world. The Class A preamps provide a very clean gain structure with very low levels of distortion. Making for an incredible clean and low-noise signal. In layman’s terms, you’re going to sound very very good!  The Preamps are also servo-biased, which therefore keeps distortion levels low. .

APHEX® On board

The processors on board are APHEX Aural Exciter™ and APHEX Big Bottom™. Which you can find in the settings tab on the RODECaster Pro, your podcasts and audio recordings will therefore be rich and warm. Other processing features available to you are multistage dynamics, such as compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating.

Overall we are very much in love with the RODECaster Pro, it is a stellar piece of software and we cannot wait to see how creative we can get!


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