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PornHub Helps!

Pornhub is now helping to make sex safer!

They’ve launched a site called PornHub Sexual Health Center is an online forum to help people with questions about anything from sexuality to sexual health and relationships!

The information on the site is sourced by experts which is directed by a clinical psychologist and sex Therapist Dr Laurie Betito. She explained that:

‘One thing I have realised is that no matter our background or desires, sexual education – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – plays a vital role in our society….It has always been a dream to connect with, educate and inform people all over the world on a massive scale…….Heading the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center is an opportunity to reach a global audience and provide a source for healthy sexual education and dialogue. I’m very excited for the amazing work I have partnered to accomplish.”

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Episode 140 Best of 2016 Part 10


What was once the epicenter for the short viral video creators you know and love today (King Bach, DeStorm, Hannah Stocking, Page Kennedy) Vine (before they all went to Facebook) was loved by millions of millennials around the world, creating usually relatable video meme’s or short funny videos that became meme’s in their own right has died.

Granted a lot of the creators had jumped ship to Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram due to more monetary values and the alure of Vine became less and less and less and less creators used Vine and thus did their audience.

Only four years ago before the app had even launched Vine, a mobile and web platform where users could post videos of up to 6 seconds which was put on an endless loop was purchased by Twitter for £24Million. Despite users being locked into Vine/Twitter (There was no way for the clips to be embedded on another social platform) Vine celebrities were created with hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of followers, with many earning a living with promoted and sponsored Vines.

There is not a date when the app will be closed by in a blog post from the creators on Vine’s blog site said that users will be “notified before we make any changes to the app or website”

However in a twist of events Pornhub VP Corey Price has offered to take Vine off of Twitter in an open letter:

“We figure since Twitter has dropped (Vine) and is having significant layoffs, that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine. Not to mention we would be saving Vine gems like ‘Damn Daniel,’ ‘Awkward Puppets’ and many more.”

Not only that Pornhub wishes to “restore Vine to its NSFW glory…….six seconds is more than enough for most people to enjoy themselves.”

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