AirBuddy – An easier way to Scuba!

Airbuddy – A Scuba revolution?

The AirBuddy is a small rechargeable device that allows you to Scuba dive without the need for the huge tanks!. It’s a device invented to make Scuba diving a ‘grab and go’ sport. Since diving traditionally is seen as a sport that requires lots of prep and logistics.

You generally have to fill up your tanks with 210 bar pressure, around 100 times more than your car tyres! As a result of this importance, a trained operator would have to check themselves.

Hence we have the AirBuddy! While you won’t be able to go as deep as you can with Scuba tanks, but you can go a lot deeper than regular snorkeling. Therefore the Airbuddy allows for a great middle ground! Since it doesn’t require any tanks on one full charge will allow a user to dive for 45mins at a maximum depth of 12m.

It’s incredibly light (9.5kg) and is a small device too, allowing users to pick up their AirBuddy and quickly and easily get the Scuba experience! While at a fraction of the cost and in a quicker amount of time too! A battery powered portable dive compressor ultimately. Yet not on your back the device floats on the surface and follows you as you dive.

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Code Wallet from Ögon

The Ögon Card Code Wallet is a secure wallet that is designed to keep your cards safe and secure from thieves, it has an integrated code lock (1000 possible combinations) that houses up to 12 cards. It’s small design allows you to open it with one hand and lightweight so you can put it away in your pocket without weighing you down. Etui RFID safe so it also protects your cards from malicious contactless card payments.

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Gravity + Rocks = LIGHT

We want to share with you an incredible new gadget from a company called Deciwatt, they’re the 2015 winner of Shell’s Springboard programme and it’s called GravityLight. GravityLight is a gravity powered lamp which uses the earth’s gravitational pull to create light. How? Here’s how:

A bag of rocks is attached to the light via a strap, then as they fall to the earth the strap pulls on some gears which then drives an electric generator which powers a bright LED bulb and the gravitational pull is able to give continuous light for 20minutes. The beauty of this device? It will never run out of battery and the bulb will last a VERY long time. The device is aimed at combatting the energy expense in the developing worlds and as there are no running costs of these lights, the only payment is for the purchase of GravityLight and then it will last for years.

The reason for GravityLight? The ability to provide easy light to those that need it most in places such as Kenya. Following a second successful spell with crowdfunding the GravityLight foundation is now on a 50 Night Tour across 50 Villages in Kenya. What’s really great about this is that people in these villages regularly use a harmful lamp called Kerosene, with the GravityLight it provides safe and clean energy to the people of Kenya.

Watch the video below to see more information regarding GravityLight!