TAP Wearable Keyboard

TAP Wearable Keyboard

First of all, this is an amazing little device. A device that took us by surprise. TAP Wearable Keyboard looks like something our of Minority Report and yet, is so useful! The TAP Wearable Keyboard from our tests had a very steep learning curve. However, we can see the potential for this device. It feels very natural to use and nothing alien at all. With a lot of patience and practice we can see the wearable keyboard taking off and in use across the world.


However, it’s not just a keyboard it also has a mouse attached to it! Well, it’s your thumb. Which you use to scroll and navigate around your computer by rolling or gliding your thumb across the table, simply tap to click. Again, it will take some getting used to. Some patience and some practice. Yet, it did feel very very natural to us. We can see plenty of uses for the TAP Wearable Keyboard too, for example, the disabled. If they only have use of the hands the TAP Wearable Keyboard may be a lot easier and less painful for them to use than a keyboard and mouse. Or even those who are visually impaired and struggle with seeing keys on a keyboard and cannot touch type! The device is engineered from advanced, biocompatible materials which allow for the free movement and comfort whilst you tap and type.

Moreover, Tap is bluetooth enabled and can be used across a range of devices such as a computer, a laptop, a tablet and many smartphones that have bluetooth built into them. It comes in two sizes and has a micro-size battery which provides 8 hours of use. Recharge it simply by putting it away into the case and plugging in the case to a wall outlet using a USB plug and a Micro USB lead!


Furthermore, what do we love the most about TAP Wearable Keyboard? The fact that you can use it anywhere and on any surface. Tapping becomes texting and swipes become cursor movements. This is revolutionary and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. We already use gestures like it’s second nature on our phones. So why not move to the desktop?


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Check out the ORII. Turn your finger into a smart phone!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Wearables are getting more and more commonplace these days and companies are finding smarter ways to intergrate technology into the things that we already own or wear such as glasses, bracelets, necklaces and now our rings are getting the smart treatment.

Introducing the Orii, a smart ring that can read you your messages, sends messages via the text to speech through microphones located on the ring and can even answer calls with it via bone conduction technology, all you have to do is place your finger to your ear and surprisingly you can hear the other person crystal clear!

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Vufine +

Vufine+ is a high definition, wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology, truly unlocking its full potential.

Whether for your smartphone, laptop or drone, Vufine+ connects via HDMI cable to provide a second monitor or mirrored display. Use Vufine+ anywhere you need an extra screen without taking your eyes off the world around you.

Vufine utilizes an LCOS panel which provides a bright, crisp virtual display. The screen appears as a 4 inch display approximately 12 inches from the user’s eye. Vufine can be positioned above, below, or directly in the user’s line of sight depending on personal preference. Vufine+ offers 3 different display modes to allow users to optimize the display no matter what device they are using.

Fit: Increases landscape viewing by 33%

Zoom: Increases portrait displays by 77%

Standard: For unaltered 16:9 viewing


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Quell – Wearable Pain Relief

Quell is clinically proven, 100% drug free technology that relieves chronic pain.

Wearing Quell on the upper calf stimulates sensory nerves as it taps into your body’s natural pain relief response. It does this by sending electric charges to the brain. Neural pulses in the brain trigger a natural reaction that blocks pain signals, relieving your pain!

Powerful enough to tap into your body’s natural pain relief response.


There’s an app for you to control, calibrate and customise therapy. Also you can measure progress on multiple health dimensions, including therapy, sleep, activity and pain.

Download the app on Apple and Android

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Atlas Wristband2

We love fitness bands and apps here at How To Kill An Hour but there weren’t any that accurately measured how many reps you were undertaking while weightlifting.

Well that’s changing with the Atlas Wristband2.

  • To reach your goals, you need to start tracking your workouts. Atlas Wristband2 removes the burden of manual tracking entirely. It is the only fitness wearable that automatically identifies your exercises, then records reps and essential data to showcase your workouts in unprecedented detail. Calories and heart rate are just the beginning.
  • When you buy an Atlas, you’re buying an ever-evolving ecosystem. Your Atlas app will notify you when there are new exercises, expanded metrics and additional features available. Just a tap to accept the updates and WHAM! – your Atlas is better than ever.
  • Choose from workouts specifically mapped to help you tone up, slim down, add bulk, build endurance and more.
  • Wherever you are, welcome to the Atlas Sweat Lab. As our community grows, so does our exercise library and efficacy.
  • Just strap it on and go! Atlas is ready to track at your own pace and in any order you want.

  •  See which muscle groups you worked at a glance or dig deeper and swipe back in time to compare your heart rate, caloric burn and velocity data. Build Custom Workouts with a few taps and explore and learn new exercises in the Exercise Guide

(Information and picture credit: Atlas)

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