Final Fantasy XV vs the London Philharmonic Orchestra

We had the pleasure of being invited to Abbey Road studios in London to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra performing the music from Final Fantasy XV live!!!!

Final Fantasy XV is one of the hypest games right now. Everyone and their grandma wants to play it. So to make the wait somewhat more bearable, Square Enix hosted the London Philharmonic Orchestra to play some of the music from the game, live in front of hundreds of people.

Oh, and for those who don’t know, the London Philharmonic Orchestra are the guys who play for the Queen. Yeah, they’re THAT good!

The hour long event was host to a wide range of music from the game, while also sharing some of the music from the recently released Kingsglave film.

The music was wonderfully captivating, waving tales through sound alone. Expressing a wide range of emotion, from sadness, all the way to joyous celebration.

While the music isn’t as nostalgic as other Final Fantasy pieces, once the game comes out and people begin to attach memories to the melodies, they’ll quickly become cemented in the hearts of many as some of the best songs out there.

What made it even better was that the game’s composer, Yoko Shimomura, was there live to talk about the music. She also announced some new songs that hadn’t been heard by the public yet!

But what stole the show was when she got up onto the piano and began to play a heartstopping melody, before choirs and string instruments joined in. It was breathtaking.

Yoko Shimomura

The whole night was a complete joy from start to finish, and now all we can do is wait impatiently to get our hands on this incredible looking game!

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They said no phones, but we         got a cheeky picture


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