iKettle 2.0!

We here at How To Kill An Hour didn’t think that the act of boiling a cup of tea needed revolutionising, or that the kettle could be any more technologically advanced than it already is.

But we were WRONG!

We have been introduced to the iKettle 2.0 by Smarter and it is simply amazing! Who knew the simple act of boiling a kettle could be so much fun! Basically it’s a Kettle which has a WiFi connection in it. But that WiFi connection opens up a whole heap of features such as:

Remote Boil: Instead of hanging around in the kitchen waiting for what seems like a 1000 years you can set your kettle to boil over wifi and have it ready for you when you get in! Or you can request for it to be boiled from another room in the house. How cool is that?!

Wake Up Mode: Set your iKettle to boil as soon as you wake up, thus saving you from being late to work for the 3rd time this week!

Temperature Setting: You are able to set the kettle to boil within a single degree. That way you can create the perfect green tea or black tea if that takes your fancy. Either way it will make for a better tasting tea as it hasn’t been over-boiled!

Water Sensor: Can see how much water is in the kettle all from the app, so you got no excuses for having people left out.

Warmer for Longer: The Kettle is able to keep your water for longer, long after it has been boiled!

Cooling: Cool the water to just the right temperature, perfect for those who like their brews at just the right temperature or for those with babies who require very specific temperatures for their food and milk!


A lot of the features that the iKettle 2.0 has is not on the kettle physically but rather in the complimentary smarter app. It’s very simple and a single setting can be changed with a simple touch of a button, for example setting the kettle to boil at any temperature! The center dial giving complete control with a simple two touch experience.

To buy your own iKettle 2.0 by Smarter please click here! 

To download the Smarter app please click here: Apple / Android

To listen to the guys discussing the iKettle 2.0 please click here!