New Philips Hue Lights

New Philips Hue Lights: Bring more WOW into your life!

New Philips Hue Lights for 2018: Hue Outdoor and Hue Bathroom



Hue Adore Bathroom – New Philips Hue Lights include the new Hue Adore range comes in a selection of designs to finely tune the right light at any time of the day in your bathroom. The Adore Hue wall mirror helps to get you energised in the morning and unwind with the perfect relax light before going to bed – settings can be adjusted with the Hue app. Available from Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Very RRP £229.99



New Philips Hue Lights



Hue Outdoor – Hue fans can now bring the indoors out with the new Outdoor range. Add mood lighting to any BBQ or light the way up your garden path with a selection of luminaires which can be controlled via the Hue app when away from home. Choose designs from the Lilly, Lucca, Tuar and Turaco models.  Available from Amazon and John Lewis, RRP from £64.99




Purchasing New Philips Hue Lights

Purchase New Philips Hue Lights Adore Bathroom and Outdoor here:


Outdoor: Lily / Lucca / Turaco

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Nanoleaf – The coolest lights ever?

We have received some pretty cool stuff into the How To Kill An Hour offices and the Nanoleaf Light Panels are no different! They’re super interesting and really make the office stand out, they’re a lot more than just a set of lights too! They’re smart but, they’re also more than just smart!

Nanoleaf Light Panels are different to other smart lights, like the Philips Hue too. As they’re huge triangles of lights that are modular. Therefore allowing you to personalise them to whatever design you wish. You can wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with an array of colours while automating your lighting throughout the day!

But there’s more….


There’s a small module attachment, called the Rhythm module. This little device can transform your music into light for the light panels. Simply turn on the device and watch it move with the music.

Nanoleaf Light Panels are:

  • Trianglular Panels of light that can piece together however you wish
  • Easily be mounted on to any flat surface using the mounting tape
  • Fully customizable with the use of the companion app: set schedules, download scenes
  • Activate with the use of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • If you don’t have a smart system, it can be toggled using a button on the controller
  • With the use of the Rhythm module, immerse yourself in a symphony of light!


To purchase your own Nanoleaf + Rhythm module please click here! They can also be purchased without the Rhythm kit, to do so, please click here!

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LiFi – Lights that have Wifi?

Marcus Bronzy is at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this week and he got to witness something really really cool! Our internet connectivity is about to be revolutionised! With LiFi – a type of technology that will allow internet connections via light. Yes light. It’s quicker than wifi too! When we said Lights we mean any lights, so thats lights that are in our car headlights, street lights and the lights in our homes.


‪How are lightbulbs the answer to faster internet?! Find out more here: #MWC18 ‬Marcus Bronzy DJ Ace Funk Butcher Nick Bright Purelifi

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 1 March 2018

LiFi: How does it work?

LiFi enabled LED lights modulate illumination levels and send data, just like morse code. Thus sending it to your device. The current (light) can be modulated at extremely high speeds, this in turn can be detected by a light detector on your device and the current re-converted into an electrical current, therefore carrying data.

You will still need an ethernet connection to connect to the internet, but once you’re all set up, you’re good to go to get wireless internet from light!

As routers are that gives you 100mbs a second, lights are much faster as each LED bulb has a maximum of 42mbs EACH. So if you have 10 LED bulbs in your area, that’s a total of 400mbs! What makes it faster is that data is sent and received at the same time!

LiFi doesn’t use radio frequencies, it uses the light spectrum which allows for a whole lot more data to be carried. 1000x more bandwidth available to users to be exact!It doesn’t affect radio frequencies either so you can use it in hospitals, airplanes and places like chemical plants. Safely.

This technology will be an integral part of wireless networks in the future!

LiFi: Security

LiFi is limited to the area in which the light illuminates and touches. So unlike WiFi your signal will remain hidden to anyone outside of the illuminated area! Want even more security? Simply close the door or draw the curtains to protect your network from hackers! The LiFi lights are fully networked and each light can ‘speak’ to each other, each with their own separate IP address! Why would the lights need to speak to one another? So you’re able to move around your home or office space and not lose connection!

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Cosmo Connected

The Cosmo Connected is a detachable smart helmet accessory that combines a rear brake light and an app.

The brake light attaches to the back of the helmet, as the rider slows down, the Cosmo flashes a red light.

Having the brake light at eye level for the person in the vehicle behind them, makes the experience for motorcyclists a lot more safer!