Monster Hunter: IceBorne

The MASSIVE new Monster Hunter DLC – Monster Hunter: Iceborne is out now and it is amazing! We really got our teeth stuck into this one! If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter series you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and this new DLC is nothing short of fantastic! The Iceborne DLC brings players a whole new world, even more powerful monsters to hunt and challenging master rank quests! A brand new quest rank for seasoned players!

Monster Hunter: Iceborne: Summary

The Monster Hunter:Iceborne DLC is basically a brand new game in the form of a DLC pack, it’s so big!

The game revolves around the Research Commission noticing something unsual about a flock of Legiana fleeing from the Ancient Forest. They board the Third Fleet’s airship and cross the sea in pursuit of them. It is here where they discovered a new land, a new land which is locked beneath snow and ice. The Research Commission then embark out into the ice cold region known as the “Hoarfrost Reach”.  A new region completely unexplored and home to new monsters, and endemic life will be one of the Commission’s most important goals.

New Life

The new land that you have discovered, Hoarfrost Reach is a cold, inhospitable region. It’s covered in tons and tons of snow and ice. From the outside it looks inhospitable. Yet it is teeming with unique and endemic life.

Hoarfrost Reach has a variety of different areas to explore. You’ll uncover more and more parts of the map as you continue investigations. As you do so you’ll soon discover that the Hoarfrost Reach is the largest locale in MonsterHunter: World!

While unearthing different areas of the Hoarfrost Reach you’ll discover things such as Popo’s. Popo’s are herbivores with a thick coat which help fight against the cold. They are generally docile, but will run off in a heard if you attack them. Yet, the adult males of the pack will protect their offspring with their tusks if provoked.

The snow is so thick, it will sometimes reach your waist. Therefore it is up to you to pick hot peppers to craft into hot drinks to keep warm. Not only that a lot of the area is formed of layers of icy walls. Be careful of unsure footing and narrow passes. It may look beautiful but it can also take your damage you if you are not careful.


Monster Hunter: Iceborne The Monsters

Velkhana: An elder dragon with the power to freeze all in its path.

According to ancient legend, it can freely control the cold, and unleash an icy blast of breath.


This marine-blue brute wyvern uses its saliva to prime the sticky slime coating its massive arms, rendering it highly explosive.


The snow-white flying wyvern with huge tusks found in the frozen tundra. It uses its forelegs and tail to traverse ice with ease.

There are LOADS more Monsters you can see them by visiting Monster Hunter: Iceborne’s official website here!

Evolved Hunting Actions

In Monster Hunter: Iceborne you have got access to a whole new set of Hunting Actions! You have access to brand new moves, slinger combos and much more! For example the clutch claw is an extension of the slinger. The slinger will allow players to grapple on to monsters. Therefore allowing players to control the monsters movement!

Not only that you can grapple on to monsters with the claw. Then use special attacks with your weapons! Better yet you can use a brand new feature called “flinchshot” which will fling monsters forward!

Ever want to use your slinger whilst you have your weapon unsheathed? Now you can! Regardless of what weapon you have! There’s a whole heap of new weapon moves available to you in Iceborne which you can view videos of each one by clicking here! 

Raider Ride!

This new feature is really cool, you can use small monsters tailriders as modes of transport! Whistle to call one and then get ready to ride! Pin your destination on the wildlife map and you get transported immediately! However, if you don’t pin a destination the raider will find tracks so you can track a target whilst prepping for a hunt!

While you cannot control the monster directly whilst doing this, you are able to use your slinger, open your map, amongst other actions!


Seliana is a brand new base which has been built as the headquarters for investigations in the Hoarfrost Reach.

Seliana comes complete with a variety of facilities and features to rival Astera. Seliana is powered by the land’s plentiful geothermalenergy and features all of the same facilities that you are used to. Such as Ecological Research Center, the Smithy and the Resource Center. The layout is designed to ensure even easier accessibility to each of the different facilities.

There’s so much more to check out about your new headquarters, get an in-depth look at Monster Hunter’s Iceborne official site here!


You can purchase Monster Hunter: Iceborne here (This includes the original Monster Hunter World game, if you already own Monster Hunter World, you can purchase the add on through your prospective shop on your console PS Store / Xbox Store)

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Defeat Monsters on the move!

Monster Hunter is one of Capcom’s biggest selling franchises to date recently reaching the heights of 10million copies of Monster Hunter games being sold world wide. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate continues this trend on the switch. It’s Monster Hunter. But on the Switch. So expect big monsters on your small Switch. However, don’t fret, as with all Monster Hunter games you’ll have so much fun hunting down these terrible, gruesome monsters!

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an updated version of it’s 3DS title of the same name (minus the Ultimate). Yet it’s still just as exciting as it first was on the 3DS. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has added better graphics (obviously!) the control scheme and added a bunch new monsters! 20 more to be exact, bringing the total for you to defeat to 93! NINETY THREE! That’s going to take a lot of hours to kill to defeat those!


Gameplay, like with most Monster Hunter Games is simple yet addictive. Find a Monster. Kill it. Then use the materials gathered from said Monster to harvest a bigger and better inventory. Such as upgrading weapons and the armour. Consequently this will help to kill a bigger and badder monster. Thus repeat cycle until you become the best monster hunters in the land. Complete a range of quests that are given to you by a village elder, though there is no explicit time limit to do them in. You are going to be pretty busy preying on some pretty huge bogeys to be fair. (Though we think the fighting of monsters is a lot more fun! Especially with friends!)

It can take a lot of time and effort to defeat a range of monsters in the single player mode. So there is an option to play with friends. Joining a multiplayer game is very easy just search the available hubs and join on to take on monsters in a crew! The most annoying part of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is that there is no way to chat to the people you play with. Though this is a Switch problem and not Capcom’s. Why Nintendo? WHY?! Despite this, as expected it’s a lot fun!

Overall Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a very enjoyable experience, which you will not be disappointed with!

Purchase Monster Hunter Generations by clicking here!

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Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World – Defeat the Monsters!

Monster Hunter World

We recently got our hands on the incredible monster fighting game Monster Hunter World.

Players embark on incredible gigantic epic battles against huge monsters! These monsters are living in a variety of habitats be that in the water, within caves or roaming the grassland.

The aim that you have is to defeat as many of these monsters as possible. Taking and recieving materials from the corpses of the monsters that you slay. Then using these materials yield stronger weapons and armour to take on the most dangerous of monsters. This game is co-op and we had a lot of fun taking on the monsters as a team of four!


There is a story element of Monster Hunter World too, which is just as fun as the co-op!

Once every decade, elder dragons travel across sea to a place called New World, this act is known as ‘Elder Crossing’. This phenomena has confused and intrigued the ‘Guild.’ (The team that you are a part of) Forming the ‘Research Commission’ the Guild are hoping to learn more about the dragons. Your journey begins when the Fifth Fleet is sent in pursuit of the elder dragon ‘Zorah Magadros’

To buy Monster Hunter World please click here! (Available on January 26th 2018 on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One)

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