What Technology Is Popular In Cars Right Now

A car can simply serve its purpose of getting you from A to B, or it makes commuting to work a lot more stress-free, and there’s not a chance you’ll have to spend your time under someone’s armpit on a cramped train. However, all cars have a certain amount of technology that makes driving that little bit more enjoyable. Here are some of the most popular technology features in cars right now.


Vehicle Tracking Software

When we lose something, or it gets stolen, it can be crushing when you have no way of tracking it. Now that phones and other electronic devices have the ability to be tracked, cars are now having this software installed into their hardware so that it’s possible for them to be trackable. This is not only good for drivers but for local authorities to help them spot stolen vehicles. There’s definitely a high amount of vehicles that get stolen each year, and if criminals are aware of these tracking softwares being in cars, it’s less likely to happen. Not only that, but they have less of a chance of getting away with it.

Rearview Cameras For Parking

Everyone has their strong points when driving and there’s the odd maneuver that perhaps aren’t so strong. A lot of the time, parking can be a difficulty for some drivers. Cameras are a great way to solve this problem, and now many cars have rearview cameras installed to help drivers navigate the tightest of parking spaces. It’s also good for when you’re reversing, and your viewpoint may not be as clear when looking at your wing mirrors. It’ll also help to provide footage of crashes and accidents when they happen. That’ll make your wheel repair that little more affordable if the damage wasn’t your fault.

Connecting Phone Apps

It’s no surprise that many of us are using our phones to control our lives. Not just ourselves but for our homes too. With apps that can control our lights to the heating of our home, even when we’re not at the property itself. So there are plenty of apps now that you can connect to your car, and that give you more features to use within the car itself. There are ones that can help you to lock your car doors remotely and to start the car so that it’s warm and ready on a cold winter morning.

Sound Alerts For Objects

Sound alerts for moving or stationary objects in the road are great for reducing the number of accidents that happen. Being on the road can be very dangerous, and a lot of accidents can happen from careless driving or just by not being attentive. So when you’re reversing back or trying to park, these beeping sounds that increase as you get closer to the object are very handy. It’ll certainly save you some money too!


Technology is only going to advance and who knows what will become of our cars in the future. Driverless cars exist after all!

Google Maps AR

Ever wondered how cool it would look if navigations to places just appeared right in front of you? Well that’s becoming a reality, kinda. Google is bringing augmented reality walking directions. It will be called Google Maps Live View. It is available on Android and iOS, if you have beta capabilities. We think Google Maps AR version is going to be incredible!

We first blogged on Google Maps AR when it appeared on Google’s Pixel phone’s earlier on this year. It showed real time navigation of Google Maps through your phone’s camera.

Simply hold your phone up next to the streets and your surroundings. It will then display arrows and directions overlaid on top of the camera view. Making it so much easier to get to places.

How To: Google Maps AR

So, Android owners whose devices support ARCore or iPhones which support ARKit will be able to access Google Maps Live View beta this week. You can test Google Maps Live View by:

  • Searching for a location you want to walk to or tap it on a map
  • Tap on the directions button at the bottom
  • Select walking directions at the top of the screen
  • Tap on the new Live View option at the bottom of the screen

Google is adding a whole host of new features to it’s mapping service. The tech giant want Google to be the place where you plan your trips from start to finish and is adding loads of features, this just seems to be the coolest one yet.

(The Verge)

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Soli: Pixel 4’s Weird (but wonderful) Feature!

Today Google announced something really ******* COOL! They showed off 2 brand new features that’s planned for their upcoming Pixel 4 device. It will include a ‘Soli’ sensor. Which is a mini motion sensor radar. Soli has been worked on for 5 years and will sit at the top of the screen next to the earpiece. Google outlined in a blog post that Soli will combine unique software algorithms and hardware to recognise gestures. It will also detect when a user is nearby.

Jedi Powers

So basically you DON’T NEED TO HOLD THE PHONE to control it!

With Pixel 4 you’ll be able to skip songs, snooze alarms and silence phone calls with the wave of your hand.




Google Pixel 4 Soli


Along with Soli and Motion Sense, Pixel 4 brings face unlock. However, in Google’s version of Face Unlock, you won’t need to lift the device in front of your face or even swipe to get to the home screen. Also it will work in any orientation! (Even upside down!)

Furthermore, Soli can proactively turn on the face unlock sensors when you reach for the phone and it will unlock and open when it recognizes you.

Privacy is also a huge factor and everything is processed on the device. It doesn’t save images (of your face) nor does it share them with Google. All the data is stored in Pixel’s Titan M security chip. Soli sensor data is also processed on the device and not shared with Google either.

So, I don’t know about you but I’m off to practice my Jedi Powers


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BeeLine is a simple navigation device that attaches to your bicycle, tell it where to go via the app, from there Beeline simply points you in the generatl direction that you need to go and tells you the distance to it, no instructions are given, much like a compass.

Leaving you to be stress free regarding navigation and just have a quick glance at the Beeline, leaving you to focus on the road and not street names or deciding if you’re actually meant to turn.

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No more looking away from the road when you’re checking directions or your speed. HUDWAY Glass Head Up Display takes care of all of this!

Head Up display is a navigation device for your car which allows you to keep your eyes on the road at all times as the screen is in your eye sight as you are driving.

It’s simply your smartphone device reflecting onto a piece of glass, placed on your dashboard. Head Up is compatible with any smartphone and HUD app. These apps include: HUDWAY Go app, Navmii, HUDWAY and Sygic.

The app also includes other special features such as HUDwidgets. These are: Trip info, your driving score GPS and many more!

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Download Navmii for iPhone and Android.

Download HUWAY for iPhone and Android.

Download Sygic for iPhone and Android.

Beeline smart navigation

Beeline – Smart Navigation

Powered by an app, Beeline is a smart compass. Meaning, rather than using your usual sat nav giving lots of confusing instructions, it simply tells you the direction and distance to your destination or next waypoint. You make the decisions.

Beeline includes special features including a speedometer, a clock and a battery readout.

The display is crisp clear, water and shock proof, prepared for any weather!

You can save your favourite destinations and journeys. Battery life lasts up to 30 hours!


Download the app for Apple and Android.

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