Memory Implants are Almost here!

The idea of a chip that allows record and replay memories may seem farfetched, Apple believe it soon will become reality.

During a TED talk in Vancouver Tom Gruber co-creator of Siri said:

“I believe AI will make personal memory enhancement a reality. I think it’s inevitable.”

Konbini are reporting that companies from all across Silicon Valley are working on designing telepathic AI that would allow such feats.

It’s hoped that tech like this would help in law suits and in the courts with things like assault, sexual assault and other crimes, acting as irrefutable evidence. While this is good, there is the worry of privacy and how ‘memories’ could be kept insanely secure (nothing can beat it being solely in your mind though eh?) To this privacy worry Gruber stated:

“We get to chose what is and is not recalled and retained. It’s absolutely essential that this be kept very secure.”

He’s spitballing of course, but we shall see what happens in the future.

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

Would you get an implant?

What memory would you like to re-see?

What memory wouldn’t you like to see again?

What memory would you delete?

Are we all going to become cyborgs?