Great Ways to Increase Your Car’s Performance

There are many reasons why you would want to improve the performance of your car. Perhaps you just want to make it look a d feel better to show off to your children and partner. Maybe you are worried about the cost of living crisis and are looking for as many ways as possible to save money and protect your family. Maybe your car is a little worse for wear, and you need it to survive a few more years. Whatever your reasoning upgrading your car and making it a higher-performance vehicle is a good move. If you are interested in doing some of the work yourself, it is also a great way to learn about cars, and this in itself could save you money in the long run. If you are interested in purchasing performance parts, take a look at TDot Performance parts to get started. Anyway, let’s taken a look at some ways you can increase your car’s performance:

The Cold Air Intake System

By upgrading this system and increasing the among of cool air being sucked into the engine then you will improve its performance. Not only will the power of the car be boosted, but it will become more efficient too. This is because combustion will have been jacked up. Combustion is the process by which the car converts fuel into forward momentum, so if that can be enhanced, the car will naturally perform better. The cold air intake system is like changing a big filter on a car. It will breathe better and more power will be produced on less. 


High-Quality Oil

It’s called high quality for a reason – it is a high-performance oil. Inside a car there are a lot of moving parts, these parts are grinding against each other under intense pressure and heat, and this causes friction. A low-quality oil is obviously far better than forgetting to oil up, but it will be a thick oil that degrades quickly, is less resilient, and clogs up a lot more. If you want to lubricate the insides of your car with something that will last and improve the functionality of the car, then you need a high-quality oil, possibly even a synthetic oil. These oils are thinner and are able to slide into the car’s moving parts better; it is more durable and can reduce friction.



Alloys are a great way to get a double plus. They improve the way the car looks as well as improving the way the car performs. They are made out of a lighter metal than the standard steel, which makes the car more fuel efficient in itself. The wheels are made of aluminum which is not only lighter than steel but allows them to have a little more give which improves the handling and drivability of the car. It makes going around corners easier and it helps with the steering and suspension too.   


Get New Tires

If you are interested in new wheels, why not invest in better tires too? If you are using the tires installed by the manufacturer, then these are not going to be the best tires you can use, and therefore your car’s performance will be dampened. When it comes to tires, you need to consider a lot of things, such as the terrain your drive on, the weather conditions – is it hot or cold? You need to think about the way you drive too. Another thing to consider when it comes to the tires is whether or not they are inflated to the correct psi. Having a low psi means that the tires a sluggish. When they are underinflated, they create a wider surface area and slope the car down. If they are overinflated, then you will skid when you brake and cause bald patches. Also, if the tires are inflated to different psi’s then you may be causing a problem with the suspension. So, that means you need to check your tire’s psi regularly and inflate them as and when necessary. 


Regular Maintenance

To ensure that your car is performing to its optimum then, you need to have it maintained regularly. Bu having regular check ups on your car, any potential problems will be eliminated before they manifest into much larger problems. This is a way of saving you a lot of money. Not only in the cost of repairs but in the fact that your machine is running as smoothly as it can do for as long as it possibly can. 


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