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David Bowie Predicts the Internet in 1999

In this now infamous clip David Bowie discusses the internet with Jeremy Paxman of the BBC a very famous interviewer for a programme called Newsnight. Bowie was a rockstar but he also had other interests. He explained how he thought the internet is more than just a tool and why it was destined to change […]

Chatbots: Chatting with the Dead?

Chatbots are helping us to talk to the dead, but should we? A young Belarusian man died in 2015, his name was Roman Mazurenko and he was barely into his 30’s and a tech entrepreneur and a legendary figure in the city’s cultural artistic circles. Following his death Roman’s friend Eugenia Kuyda reread thousands of […]

Jingle Radio Station – JingleMad Radio!

Do you love jinlges on the radio? Do you find yourself singing jingles all day long? Well we have found the radio station for you. It’s called JingleMad Radio and it’s a radio station that plays jingles all day long! Thanks to the co-operation and permission of the biggest jingle companies in the world, JingleMad […]

The PDF Is Timeless – Birth of PDF

PDFs we use them all the time. You most likely have used one today or at least this week. One estimate is there are 2.5 trillion PDFs in existence. So where did the PDF come from? Have you ever thought about where the PDF came from? A PDF is a Portable Document Format file, it […]

White House Website Easter Eggs?

Joe Biden is now the 46th president of the United States. So, the official White House website has gone live. It has a brand new design and even comes with a dark mode. The website is fully responsive and, unsurprisingly, a fun easter egg has been found, ridiculously quickly too. Shortly after the new White […]

Robots for Grandma?

Robots may be the new companion for the older relatives in your family. Lockdowns and global pandemics are leading the call for robots to keep the older relatives around the world company in a time where social interaction is very limited. – Vox spoke to Mabel LeRuzic recently and shared a story about Mabel showing […]

Apple Fitness+ Fitness revitalised!

Apple Fitness+ is built straight into the Fitness app and is built around the Apple Watch. From beginners to enthusiasts, Apple Fitness+ allows you to access studio style workouts delivered by world class trainers. Every workout is accompanied by motivating music from all of your favourite artists too! Video workouts designed by world class trainers […]

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is the most advanced smartwatch that Apple have created and in the latest version they have added wellness technology. The Apple Watch Series 6 delivers breakthrough Wellness and fitness capabilities with a revolutionary Bloody Oxygen feature that offers wearers more insight into their wellness. As it will measure your blood oxygen […]