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Jim Carey – Jim and Andy

During our recent show with Julia Hardy we discussed what it’s like for actors to embody their characters. We discussed about the usual suspects. The Di Caprio’s, the Christian Bale’s, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. We then discussed how “insane” the Jim Carey went when he took on the role of Andy Kaufman in Jim […]

Video Game Game Show Show

Julia Hardy stopped by recently and spoke about a whole heap of things. We spoke a lot about video games but we also spoke about an event that she went to with Marcus. It’s called the Video Game Game Show Show. The Video Game Game Show Show is basically a comedy show where players get […]

Nintendo Direct September

Last night’s Nintendo Direct September announcements came thick and fast and there was a lot to get through! However, us at How To Kill An Hour has got you covered! Below is the highlights of what was announced: – Overwatch is confirmed for release on October 15 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is gaining a […]

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Marcus has recorded a new #NewPhoneWhoDis and this time round he is joined by Julia Hardy and they are testing the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. This little machine is very very powerful. Samsung are describing it as a computer, gaming console and a professional camera. All in one. It’s also a IP68 rated phone. Water tight! […]

Nintendo Switch Lite

So, Nintendo are re-releasing the Nintendo Switch. However, this time, it’s smaller, lighter and more of a handheld than ever before. It’s called Nintendo Switch Lite. How? Well, the Switch Lite is designed for handheld play, making it easier to play games when you are out and about. The difference between the Lite and the […]

Joker – 8 min Standing Ovation and Warnings

  Joker Praise and Criticism So, Joker has been getting some rave reviews from critics at the Venice film festival. With reports stating that the Joker has received an EIGHT MINUTE standing ovation. “This is Phoenix’s film,” declared The Hollywood Reporter, “and he inhabits it with an insanity by turns pitiful and fearsome in an out-there performance […]

JoJo Rabbit

This movie looks hilarious! It’s called Jojo Rabbit and is all about a German Boy has an idiotic friend. That friend turns out to be Adolf Hitler. Jojo Rabbit is described as an American black comedy drama film. Judging from the trailer, it certainly is dark! On the wider sense of things, dark comedies usually […]


Nintendo UK alongside the government-funded Digital Schoolhouse (DSH) programme are holding a Super Smash Bros tournament. Yes you read that right, a Super Smash Bros School Tournament. The idea behind this initiative is to give school children a taste of the wider industry. Which includes the various roles from within the gaming industry. The DSH […]

Counter-Strike Tournaments and Fixed Matches?

A total of 6 Australians have been arrested in connection with Counter-Strike Tournaments and match fixing. The investigation began into CS:GO match fixing in March. After a betting agency tipped off the police of some suspicious activity. The Victoria Police released a statement: “It’s alleged that players were arranging to throw matches and subsequently placing […]