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Disney Plus: What’s new in June!

We’re currently loving what’s on offer from Disney on their new streaming service Disney Plus! However, there’s a bunch more stuff on the way! In the forms of both movies, series and more originals for us all to enjoy! There’s new episodes of the documentary series ‘Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ and ‘It’s a […]

CLCKR Smartphone Stand

We’ve been testing the CLCKR phone stand and it is really really good! It has made using our phone even easier, why? Well for us we’re people who love to consume content on the go, as well as at home. The CLCKR grip helps with this. As it provides a firmer and safer use of […]

Folding iPhone Exciting Concept!

Folding iPhone. The one rumour that just won’t go away. Noe the team over at #iOS beta news have created a rather cool concept. The Folding iPhone looks like a cross between a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the rebooted Motorola Razr. In the video above we see the iPhone Flip, a handset that when […]

Game Of Thrones leads Tv shows Brits want back!

Game of Thrones seems to be the one show that everyone wants to come back on our screens! Ever since the cast of Friends announced they were no longer on a break. The media has been abuzz with TV Reunion news. Every popular TV show wants a slice of the reunion pie. With the cast […]

Amazon making HOW MUCH?!

Many ad companies and traditional media owners are braced for tough times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies marketing spends have been brought to a halt. However , Amazon’s ad business has emerged as a somewhat of a bright spot. For the tech giants financia update for Q1. This is despite belt tightening in […]

Streaming: Who’s Winning the war?

The lockdown has caused a lot of us to be either sitting down and playing video games or streaming our favourite shows on our prefered streaming services. Or on more than one if you  are subscribed to more than one service. But which one of them is doing the best? Out of all of us, […]