Emojis to get you laid…..

Emojis may be the key to getting responses from your text messages. That may be the difference between weak game and game that is on point. Ladies and gentlemen, listen up! Clover, a dating app, has looked into the texting habits of it’s 3 million users to see which emojis got the most responses. Including the ones that had you left on read.

Emojis: What to use

Check out the infographic below to see which emojis both men and women love to respond to, which emojis they love to send and what ones don’t really do it for them. Perhaps unsurprisingly men don’t like to receive the diamond ring emoji. For the ladies if you want to have a man respond to you, use classic flirty emojis. Such as a winky face or little pink hearts. Could even use the red lips one and the guy your talking to will most likely respond.

For the guys, don’t use the eggplant emoji! Nor the flexed arm or the fist bump. Try using the sassy girl emoji, a tongue out emoji seems to do rather well too!

The survey found that in general emoji use resulted in people being more likely to respond to you. With men being 8% more likely to respond if there is an emoji in the opener and women are 5% more likely to respond if an emoji is used in an opener.

So now in lockdown, the best way to get a date after all this is over, is to throw in an emoji in an opener!


(Elite Daily)


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