Rate My Dick – ManyVids

Adult Website ManyVids and their PR Company heard our episode last week where we discussed life with a micro-penis. They told us about “Rate My Dick”. However, first let’s tell you about ManyVids. ManyVids is an adult website run by former adult performer Bella French. She launched ManyVids due to several loopholes and common industry wide bad practices which meant that her content was being pirated. Therefore losing out on revenue from her stolen videos.

So Bella launched ManyVids in 2014 to change the way content creators work. The site is a community space for members to communicate safely and inclusively. ManyVids fights for women’s rights, gender equality, sex positivity and supports the LGBTQ2+ community. So, you can create content, share it and get paired fairly, without worrying about your content getting pirated.

Now, ManyVids is in the top 900 most visited sites in the world. At the end of 2019, there were 1.94 billion websites at the end of 2019. There’s over 2.8m active members and 79k, independent content creators, ManyVids is the number 1 cam site in the world.

Rate My Dick

ManyVids also has a storefront where they sell tangible items such as underwear and photos.

They can also sell financial requests such as “pay my rent”, “buy me dinner” so fans can pay for something for their favourite models.

Fans can also pay for something called “Rate my Dick” which was launched by Destiny Diaz, one of the most popular ManyVids stars. “Rate My Dick” has become a phenomenon and popular model stream for many models on the site.

Destiny Diaz is so good at it, she was able to get the same guys to come back for additional ratings. Even 3 or 4 times! She even created an educational video! It’s called My Dick 101 which she also sells on ManyVids for $5.99 which has tips and tricks to other models to provide the best dick ratings.