One Plus 6!!

One Plus have today announced a brand new phone – the One Plus 6!


The One Plus 6 features an all glass all design and has a 6.28 inch fill Optic AMOLED 19:9 display. This is the largest ever screen that One Plus have put on a phone. Providing users with as much screen real estate as possible! Designing the navigation bar so that it can be replaced by gesture controls. It has an incredible immersive viewing experience, yet retaining a similar form factor to the ever popular One Plus 5T.


One plus have used some of the toughest glass available in it’s phone’s too: Cornering Gorilla Glass 5, on both the front and the back of the phone. Creating sligh curves to create an uninterrupted look and feel! This is due to Gorilla glass’s strength and malleability! That’s not all, due to an all glass design the One Plus 6 is able to transfer radio waves at an ever faster rate! providing users with up to 1 gigabit of download speed!

Furthermore the One Plus 6 takes use of Qualcomm technology and is the fastest phone the company have ever made! Which makes streaming high end HD quality content to playing immensely powerful and graphic hungry games a breeze!

All that computing power will take it’s toll on the phone’s battery. However, fear not, as One Plus have a trick up their sleeve that you will love. The One Plus 6 can charge a full days power in just half an hour!


The One Plus 6 has a dual camera system, a 16MP camera which is the main. It is supported by a second 20MP camera, which has a f/1.7 aperture. The main 16MP camera has been bolstered by a 19% larger sensor and OIS. Therefore creating oustanding performance in a range of lighting situations. The advanced HDR feature has improved too! The One Plus’ High Dynamic Range algorithm brings out the shadows and enhances lighting in photos taken.

There is also a portrait mode that will be available on both the One Plus 6’s front camera as well as the rear. Using AI, the front camera applies a depth of field, or bokeh affect to selfies. Which can be stylised too with circles, hearts and stars.

Not forgetting the introducion of Slow Motion mode too, the One Plus 6’s camera can capture high definition video with incredible detail!


One Plus have gone into incredible detail with their designs. The Mirror Black and Midnight Black versions have an embedded thin layer of film under the glass to creates a sense of depth as light and shadow move on the device. While a jagged texture was added to the Midnight Black to create a subtle S-shaped line when the phone is reflected in light, much like the Silk White limited edition version of the One Plus 6 which uses pearl powder to create a subtle shimmering effect.


The One Plus 6 uses Oxygen OS, an Android OS that is refined, faster and cleaner, reflecting the look of the One Plus 6. Consequently the One Plus 6’s Oxygen OS is much more customizable than other Android experiences, allowing a user to make their phone more personable than ever!

Please see a gallery of the One Plus 6 below:

The One Plus 6 comes in various memory sizes and available from May 22nd in North America and Europe! Simply head over to! The sizes available are 64gb, 128gb and 256gb! Prices start from £469, while the limited edition Silk White version will be available from June 5th.

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