“The Missing Episode” EP 100 Ft. DJ Ace

Episode 340 James Haskell (BONUS)

Phase Wireless DJ Controller

Phase is a brand new wireless DJ Controller, the first of it’s kind. Allowing you to control tracks from DJ software. Without needing turntable needles of timecode control vinyl. Two audio remotes capture the turntable rotation information. Then it will wirelessly transmit the information to a receiver. The receiver will then process the information and send it to your DVS setup.

It’s very easy to use and offers unprecedented communication, quality and reactivity. It will not be affected by external disruptions that affect common DJ equipment.

Technologically Advanced

The Phase wireless DJ controller is more stable and accurate than any other digital system. Furthermore it offers an incredible level of reliability of DJ’s. As it is incredibly intelligent. Rotations are detected and records even the smallest of rotations. That information is then instantly sent to the software offering real time audio control with pinpoint accuracy. Consequently guaranteeing seamless signal quality in any situation.

The patented technology of Phase Wireless DJ Controller is unaffected by external perturbations, such as rumble, defective turntables or any other common DJ equipment issue.


Phase gives you the sensation of mixing on standard audio records without giving up the comfort of a digital controller. Perform on a digital controller as you would on standard audio records. It works easily and smoothly with any DVS DJ setup thanks to 2 stereo RCA outputs. Software that’s compatible is Serato DJ Pro (& lite), Virtual DJ, Traktor and Rekordbox.

Ease of Use

Phase has immense charge. One single charge gives you up to 10hrs of mixing per Remote. The Phase is also built to last allowing it to resist daily usage and hazards that it may encounter. Phase comes with 2 extra remotes too, allowing you to charge two and use two. Allowing you to not stop DJ’ing.

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Who Sampled!

As DJ’s a lot of the guys often find themselves asking “what track is that” or “Who sampled that” well that question is no longer needed to be asked as we have found a really cool app that does all that for you it’s called “WhoSampled”

With this app you are able to discover what a track is and who sampled it. You can scan your own Apple Music/Spotify and iTunes libraries for lists of samples, covers and remixes all within the app.

The app then pulls up a lot of information on the tracks for example:

Where was this song sampled?

Who covered my favorite artists?

What remixes were made for this track?

The best music discovery tool for all DJ’s out there or anyone who is deep into music!

The app even has a “Now Playing” feature if you’re on iOS allows you to switch from your music player to WhoSampled to discover all the musical connections for the song you’re listening to.

To download Who Sampled please click here Apple / Android

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Playable Pizza DJ Boxes!

Do you remember when Pizza Hut were releasing to select restaurants a playable DJ Pizza Box?

Well we played it this week!

Check out the video below to see Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra play the world’s first playable Pizza Box, which is what Marcus and Nick got a play with when Pizza Hut came by!

To listen to us talk about our experience with the Pizza Hut DJ Pizza Box on this weeks show please click here!



Bestival Festival App

Funk Butcher recently DJ’d at Bestival and had the time of his life, he even sipped a bit of Jaegermister (Funk doesn’t drink) and while he was there he downloaded the Bestival App which helped him out a lot! What is the Bestival App, will I even be able to use it with phone signals and why do I even need to use an app at a festival?! I hear you ask!

Well the app definitely works and you get full signal while at Bestival and the reasons you are going to NEED this app and not want are as follows:

  • IF you managed to not get to Bestival Red Bull TV stream all the madness straight to your phone, from the Mainstage to the Big Top if its there you will see it!
  • Your own customisable schedule so you can never miss one of your acts and you can decide which one to go see if they clash with artist profiles!
  • A site map so you don’t get lost! Thank goodness for GPRS!
  • Connect your Spotify so you can get tailored suggestions!
  • Social side of the app allows you to connect with other festival goers about the artists available to see.

To download the Bestival App please click here!

To hear the guys talking about Bestival App on the show please click here!

Playable DJ Pizza Boxes!

Pizza Hut is going to be your new food companion to the weekly pre-drinks all around the UK. Why I hear you ask? Well the fast food restaurant is launching a world first “The playable DJ Pizza Box” Yes you read that right, a playable DJ Pizza Box. PLAYABLE!! Pizza Hut have partnered with Novalia an electronics company that specialises in adding electronics to the surfaces that we touch on a day to day bases. On the pizza boxes to help you rave before the rave are images of turntables printed in conductive ink – it includes everything any budding DJ could ask for such as Mixer, Cross Fader, Two Decks and so much more (we’ll leave the rest for you to find out yourselves because we know you want to!) The box connects to your phone or laptop via bluetooth and even works with professional software like Serato!

They are very limited, so much so that only 5 will be given to 5 of their 350 restaurants that are spread across the UK. To find out where they are going to be available keep an eye on Pizza Hut’s UK Twitter account.

See below Rinse FM’s very own DJ Vectra giving it a spin: