Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10: Get it at the right price!

First of all, as gadget lovers we all want the latest and greatest phone that’s out every year. While that may be the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Apple phone out later on this year. The phone’s available on offer are getting dearer and dearer though., have listed ways in which give us, the punters the best way to save some cash when buying new phones. Looking at the best contract or the best solution when trading in phones. Furthermore they’ll look at the best deals in buying and selling phones and sim only options.

Rob Baillie’s Tips

If you want the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or are waiting for the Galaxt Fold, will have the best solution for you. While, phones are getting dearer and they want to help.

“This was an interesting gamble for Samsung. The rush to seize the spotlight ahead of the biggest mobile event of the year meant they risked splitting the interest – deflecting buyers away from a very impressive S10 flagship handset, and towards the technically flashy, futuristic Fold device, that is at a price point which it can’t really back up yet in terms of proving value, that said sales are looking strong suggesting their new model does enough to get people upgrading.

The good news is that recycling prices have held steady in the aftermath of the launch, despite older phones typically declining in value when a new model is launched. In the four days leading up to the launch the average Samsung device trade in value was £70.66, and the four days after it was £70.78 with the average S9 losing less than £1 off the best price in the period before” Rob Baillie, mobile expert at

Not so Smart

Rob even gave some advice for those not looking to have all the latest gizmo’s:

“If you’re not yet ready to make that kind of investment, there are some fantastic phones on the market at the moment that won’t cost you thousands but also a lot of competing messages. The average consumer is likely to be lost in jargon-heavy white noise – do they need 5G? Do they need a bigger screen? Do they need a smaller screen? – when what they really want is a stable phone with a good performance and battery life. The market is about to be flooded with options and the risk is it will simply leave consumers with analysis paralysis, choosing to make no choice at the risk of making the wrong one. This is why we have rounded up the best options on the market.” Rob Baillie, mobile expert at

Trade In’s

To save some cash you can unlock your mobile at no additional cost to you once you are out of contract. So, all you have to do is phone your provider. Consequently, you can sell it to a much wider market this way. Furthermore you can get an additional 10% on what you would’ve received if you want to trade it in! Also, see below for a look at what you can be entitled to:

Device Working
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB £             73.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB £           220.10
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB £           121.00
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB £           123.10
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £           300.26
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB £            95.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB £           248.20
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB £           203.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB £           280.20
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB £            36.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £            300
Apple iPhone 6 16GB £           85.00
Apple iPhone 7 32GB £           178.10
Apple iPhone 8 64GB £           321.10
Apple iPhone X 64GB £           476.10
Apple iPhone XS 64GB £           645.00

 Rob Baillie’s Picks


BUY: A Samsung Galaxy s10e 128GB on O2 via e2save , with £190 upfront cost, 4GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts

Monthly price: £29

SELL: Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB for £220.10

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: No upfront cost and £27.75 per month


BUY: Galaxy S10 plus with 128GB of memory on ee via Metrophone with no upfront cost and a mighty 60GB of data

Extras: unlimited minutes and texts + £25 auto-cashback

Monthly price: £58.00

SELL: Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB for £280.20



BUY: Galaxy S10 128GB on EE via with 50GB of data

Extras: unlimited minutes and texts

Monthly price: £43 + £99 for the handset

SELL: Galaxy S9 64GB for £300

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: No upfront cost and £34.62 a month

(Compare my Mobile)

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10 year Challenge for Phones

#10YearChallenge – Smartphone Edition

The #10YearChallenge has only just finished sweeping the world. However, what would the #10YearChallenge look like if our smartphones undertook this challenge instead? CompareMyMobile have undertook a really cool study on how the smartphone world looked 10years ago. It’s very suprising to be fair! We’ve come a very long way!

For example 10 years ago only 17% of adults had a smartphone, compared to a whopping 78% of adults currently. Which as a result we are more addicted to our smartphones than we ever were. They’ve also changed in a number of other ways

  • Costs – the mobile phones of today are in some cases 7 times more expensive than they were in 2009
  • Memory capacity – it has increased 16 times in some cases
  • Display is twice as big (or more!) compared to mobile phones in 2009
  • Camera – smartphone cameras today have at least 3 times (or more pixels) than in 2009 has compiled a list of the most talked about phones in 2009 and compared them to their 2019 rivals from the same manufacturer. They also took a look at what contracts were on offer to punters in 2009 too!


They discovered that in 2009, upfront costs for phones and monthly payments were a lot cheaper (unsurprisingly) however, what is shocking is that some of the 2019 prices compared to their 2009 equivalent have TRIPLED! Whereas mobile devices were affordable in 2009 when looking at upfront costs. While in some cases monthly payments are fairly similar. The one thing that is surprising. If you look at all of the contracts today for smartphones. It’s normal to expect Gigs of data. It’s crazy to think now, but in 2009, some networks were charging  £5 per megabyte for internet usage!!

In 2009 500 texts per month, which was deemed as quite good. Minutes were 100-900minutes. Fast forward to 2019 and both those are often listed as unlimited. (Who calls these days anyway?)


Please see two examples below!

For a much more detailed look at the #10YearChallenge Smartphone edition please click here! There’s a look at past popular smartphones developers such as Blackberry’s (remember BBM!?) and the ever favourite Nokia.

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Apple September 2018 Keynote

Episode 296 The Apple September 2018 Keynote!

Apple's worth $1TRILLION

Apple’s worth $1TRILLION!

So, Apple’s worth $1TRILLION, yes you read that right, Apple’s worth $1TRILLION!! (We have to say it $1TRILLION because even we can’t fathom how much money that is!)

Apple have become the world’s first company to hit the $1TN mark after it’s stock soared on theback of some excellent financial results. It wasn’t before a slight delay though as the stock app on Apple’s iPhone jumped the gun a little before it was officially announced that they had broken through the ceiling. For those wondering what $1TN looks like with lots of zeros, well it’s a lot. $1,000,000,000,000. That’s many many MANY zeros!

The impressive stock value was due to the biggest gain in over 18months for apple. Rising above the $207.04 a share threshold to tip them over the edge into Trillion dollar territory. This is a 5.89% rise from the close of $201.50 last Wednesday. The rise in stock is reportedly due to impressive sales of iPhone X’s, Macbook Pro’s and other expensive products on Apple’s product line.

Apple’s worth $1TRILLION is arguably down to the market changing iPhone. Which has been a decade since the fist one was released and now we can no longer imagine a non smart smartphone. Apple’s worth $1TRILLION marks the company’s shift from a small player in the computers market to a global electronics powerhouse. Selling a whole range of goods from smartwatches, hi-fi’s, phones and of course computers. All from a company that was started 42 years ago. Originally based in a small garage by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak too!

Before the boom

All this seems very impressive, but it was in 1997 when Apple were very close to bankruptcy with stock falling as low as $1. It wasn’t until the company hired back, (after firing) Steve Jobs as the interim CEO. The company then asked Microsoft for a $150million cash infusion to get Apple back on it’s feet. Then, the rest is history.


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iPhone Battery: How to tell it’s lifespan

iPhone Battery health a step by step guide

How to tell if your iPhone battery is in tip top condition:

  • Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11.3
  • Open up settings on your iPhone and select “battery”











  • Click in to here
  • Within this menu you will see what the apps on your iPhone use the most power











  • To see more about your iPhone and it’s health click on the menu labeled “Battery Health”


  • Here you will see whether or not your iPhone’s performing to standard or not. As you can see Producer Bill’s phone is performing at a normal peak performance! The phrase “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance” then that’s all good and you can keep using your phone as normal. Nothing to worry about here!

More information

If it is less than 100 don’t worry either, as with all lithium ion battery’s the batteries lose efficiency over time. This is affected by a lot of different things so there’s not much you can do to prevent it. It’s just how these batteries work! Temperature of where you keep your phone, how often you use it, how often you charge it, how you charge it, all these come into play! If it’s less than 100, then of course you’re going to get less hours of use out of it, but a few percentages doesn’t matter at all.

This is where you’re going to see the state of the battery’s health, consequently your iPhone. So if you notice anything a little off, head here and you may get a slight idea of what may be going wrong!

The battery selection on system settings doesn’t really do that much. However, if you have an “unexpected shutdown” that’s when the performance management software will kick in, which Apple says is initially disabled. You’ll see a message afterwards which says: “Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.”

Who this affects?

Throttling only affects iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE models as they can’t keep up with the processing power of newer iOS’s so slow the phone down to prolong the life of the phone. If they didn’t the sheer power that’s needed would start to affect other areas of the phone.

If you turned off the performance management system and experience unexpected shutdowns, you’ll have to live with it. Or turn on the performance management system and live with a slower iPhone. So you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. To rectify this, either replace the battery or get a newer phone. Apple recommends you replace them after a less than 80% maximum capacity.

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Episode 273 C**k-blocking and Bar-Hoppin’

Episode 266 5 Fun Apps For February 2018

5 Fun Apps for February 2018

5 Fun Apps for February 2018

5 Fun Apps for February 2018

It’s February 2018 (unless you are seeing this before / after February 2018) so we thought we’d share with you our Top 5 Fun Apps for February 2018!

Retro Soccer

First, this game is A LOT of fun! It’s one of the best football games we have played on mobile in a long time. The gameplay is super quick and is the definition of pick up and play! Picking up and playing is the easy part. Putting the game back down again. There’s your problem.

There’s an array of different challenge matches to do, which include some of the most thrilling comebacks in history! Complete these challenges to unlock your favourite footballing legends and compile a dream team! Above all you can take on the world trophy and league competitions if you have that extra bit of time to kill!

Even share replays of your best goals to your friends!

Price: Free

To download Retro Soccer please click here: Apple / Android

Amateur Surgeon 4

From legendary adult cartoon makers Adult Swim, Amateur Surgeon returns for a 4th time!

Although, you are not just any trainee surgeon. You’re an amateur surgeon. In the truest sense of the word!

Complete surgery on over 100 patients with HOUSEHOLD tools! You’d never thought you’d need to grab a pizza cutter a start an operation!?

You take on Doctor Bleed and your task is to help solve the mystery of his very own sudden resurrection. Travel around the world looking for answers and saving lives along the way. Even recruit some teamates (doctors) with their own specific, unique and weird special abilities that you can use to help you.

Had enough of trying to solve mysteries. Take on ‘Field Hospital Survival mode’ for high speed surgery and try to beat your friends.

Haven’t played the other 3 games? Don’t worry. With Amateur Surgeon 4, you can play 1-3, with a remastered, retooled versions complete with brand new operations and each with their own unique story.


To download Amateur Surgeon 4 please click here: Apple / Android

Pigeon Panic AR

This game is really simple and something utterly ridiculous and we cannot believe someone has made a game out of this. AR like this is amazing.

Pigeon Panic AR projects a flock of pigeons on to the floor that you’re standing in. Scatter some food on the ground (in AR of course).

Pigeons soon appear around you.

Then run in to them and watch them fly away.

That’s it.

Stupid. Ridiculous. Fun.

Price: Free

To download Pigeon Panic please click here: Apple

Table zombies

This game comes in two versions free and paid. Table Zombies is an AR game where you play the role of a shooter based inside a helicopter. Your aim is to stop the zombie infestation from reaching the survivor base, by shooting the horde from above!

Unlike other AR Games, this one requires you to download a PDF from the link in the app store, print it out and place it down. The game will then appear from it.

There are 4 different environments to play and Zombies, being Zombies, will appear from anywhere!

The game has 4 different environment. The zombies will be from every direction and everywhere.

Price: Free

To download Table Zombies please click here: Apple / Android

Paper Bin AR

We all did this as a child, even now as adults. Throwing rolled up pieces of paper into a bin.

Have you ever put the bin farther and farther away and challenged a friend to see who could get the paper into the bin. This is exactly what Paper Bin AR is all about.

Though they’ve changed it slightly. With Paper Bin AR it’s in augmented reality (obviously) to make it more immersive, but there are added obstacles. Such as having electric fans in the way to blow the paper out of the way.

How many paper balls did you manage to get in the bin? Let us know via our socials (@howtokillanhour)

(AR version not currently available on Android)

Price: Free

To download Paper Bin AR please click here: Apple / Android


To let us know what you think of each of the Top 5 Fun Apps for February 2018, connect with us via our socials! (@howtokillanhour) on all platforms.

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Nose Zone

Nose Zone

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera POst Image

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera


iPhone X vs Google Pixel2 XL Camera!

#iPhoneX or #GooglePixel2 XL- which camera is better? Only one way to find out!See more here

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 16 November 2017


iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

It’s fair to say that the iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL camera conversation is one that is due to dominate in the last quarter of 2017.  There are many differences between the iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL In this post we will just be focusing on the performance of heir cameras. Please note that we have not ‘touched’ up or edited any of the images / video’s.

Regular photos

‘Point and Click’ has to be the most used feature of any camera phone or even camera across the world right now. So it made sense to do just that queue autumnal leaves!

Autumnal leaves shot iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

Autumnal leaves shot iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

As you can see the Pixel seems to offer richer colours. Different, yes but is there a clear winner at this point? Of course not! On to the next test.


We all love a a good ol sunset / sunrise don’t we. And here it seems that the pixel takes the upper hand.  Yes there is a little burn out from the sun. But you get a much better range of colours from the Pixel.

London Skyline shot iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

London Skyline shot iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

Portrait Mode (Rear Camera)

Portrait mode on the iPhone X uses 2 camera’s and you can preview your foreground and background blurs before you shot. The Pixel 2’s single camera takes a pic.  The blur is ‘processed’ in afterwards.

Dead wood shot iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera 1

Dead wood shot iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Camera

Dead wood shot iPhone X

Dead wood shot iPhone X

At this point personally the richer colours of the Pixel XL 2 were winning me over. Plus there was a slight mis hap during a well earned mid competition coffee break.

Coffee cup portrait on pixel XL 2

Coffee cup portrait on pixel XL 2

Coffee cup portrait on pixel iPhone X

Coffee cup portrait on pixel iPhone X

Portrait mode (front facing camera)

It’s as if the iPhone X heard the Google Pixel XL taunting it’s rear end (camera). Because when we did portrait with the front facing cameras, this happened:





The iPhone X seems to find and soften the face slightly which looks good.  The slight saturation seems to add a film like feel to the selfies above.

Low Light

We didn’t test low light situations. We can confirm in low light that there is nothing quite like the Google Pixel Xl 2.  The below images were taken by Gadget show presenter Ortis Deley in a dim environment recently. We know it was dim because we were there too.

In Conclusion

It is a fact that the Google Pixel XL 2 currently has the highest rated mobile camera in the world right now.  It is a consistent performer which gives you a richer set of colours in your pics, out of the box.  If you are a selfie king or queen, the iPhone X’s smooth front facing portrait mode may be for you!

Enough siting on the fence though! For us here at how to kill an hour when it comes to cameras we think the Google Pixel 2 XL wins.

Get the Google Pixel 2 XL here.

To listen to the guys talking about this please click here!