Nintendo Switch Lite

So, Nintendo are re-releasing the Nintendo Switch. However, this time, it’s smaller, lighter and more of a handheld than ever before. It’s called Nintendo Switch Lite.

How? Well, the Switch Lite is designed for handheld play, making it easier to play games when you are out and about.

The difference between the Lite and the bigger Switch is that the controllers are built into the controller. While this may be a disappointment to some, for others it makes it a lot easier to play. Not only because it has a control pad on the left hand side instead of buttons.

HD Rumble has been removed, as has the IR sensor and the screen has been reduced from 6.2 inches to 5.5inches.

Games such as 1,2 Switch and Mario party won’t work with the Nintendo Switch Lite because of the non detachable joy-cons. Plus games that are work in handheld mode are the only games that work.

Much like the larger Switch you can play up to 8 Nintendo Switch and Lite systems together to play multiplayer games and you can also play online using the Lite with a Nintendo Online membership.


The Lite comes in Grey, Turquoise and yellow and you can pre-order a Switch Lite here!

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Here are some of the features that iOS 11 will be bringing this September/October:

  • Apple Music gets user profiles and playlist sharing – Apple Music subscribers can now create a social profile and advertise what they are listening to and share the playlists that they have made. 
  • Screenshot sharing tools – When you take a screenshot now it shows you a preview in the bottom left of the screen, once you click it you can go ahead and “mark it up” save and/or share it. 
  • Know when an app is sharing your location – At all times! When an app uses your location in the background, in iOS 11 it is more transparent, with a blue bar highlighting so. 
  • Volume Indicator – Is now smaller and located in top right hand of the screen
  • WIFI Sharing – If an iOS device running iOS11 is nearby you can now share your WiFi signal without having to share wifi passwords. 
  • Do not disturb when driving – Your phone (if you set it to) will go completely blank when it registers that you are driving, no on screen notifications, no screen at all in fact, you can also set it to auto-reply to messages to let others know you’re driving.
  • Facebook/Twitter login support removed.  – No one knows why
  • Pay people within iMessage – Working via an iMessage app (much like gifs) you can send money to loved ones, the money will appear in Apple Pay as a cash card and this can be used like any other form of payment in your Apple Pay Wallet. 
  • Control Center  – Is now one page, bigger and a lot lot cleaner! With the ability to add setting/remove various settings too!
  • App store gets a makeover – BIG PHOTOS! 

Please see above the Top 11 features that the guys over at EverythingApplePro found!

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Google Glass got an update?

This week, for the first time in 3 years, the Google Glass companion app called “MyGlass” received an update. It killed some bugs and added bluetooth functionality meaning that the new “XE23” firmware version of Google Glass (which is also an update) can added a plethora of bluetooth devices such as a mouse and keyboard.

Despite Google shutting down the website and removing them from sale to consumers, the Google Glass is now available to buy as a business on enterprise, so it’s kinda still alive.

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Bragi Update

Bragi have released update “Bragi Dash OS2.2” and it makes the cool Bragi Dash’s even cooler! We love the Bragi Dash here at How To Kill An Hour and this update makes it even more ‘must have’ this Christmas time.

Amongst the plethora of features that it already has  this update adds a lot more:

  • Windshield (Advanced audio transparency. Hear your surroundings, but
    block out the wind)
  • Bragi KUI and MyTap (Bragi’s KUI (Kinetic User Interface) means your body
    now controls the device in new ways. Activate Siri and Google Now with MyTap by double tapping on your cheek.)
  • MyControls (A more detailed access to more gesture controls via the Bragi App)
  • Apple Watch Connectivity
  • More accurate heart rate monitor
  • Improved Bluetooth
  • Versant 1.1 – More improvements in speech recognition in noisy environments


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