Axle Back vs Catback Exhaust Systems

So you’re looking to get yourself an aftermarket exhaust system on your car? It’s an exciting decision for any car lover, but where should you begin? Two of the most popular aftermarket exhaust systems are the catback and the axle. To help you make a decision, let’s break down the ins and outs of each one.


Catback Exhaust


A catback exhaust system is one that replaces everything that sits behind the catalytic converter to where the exhaust pipes finish, hence the term ‘cat-back’. These are a real popular aftermarket exhaust as they offer a strong performance and sound plus you don’t need to invest in a new catalytic converter. It’s essentially a powder mod which produces a stronger engine note plus frees up the gas flow of your system. Generally, these are made of a muffler, resonator and a rear-pipe. The benefits of investing are: 


1 . Improved Power 


When you get yourself a cat back exhaust, you’ll certainly be achieving more power. Aftermarket exhausts are usually designed with larger piping and higher quality mandrel tubing; improving the overall flow. There’s less pressure within the engine, so it has the opportunity to give more horsepower. 


  1. Improved Sound


Most people who want an aftermarket exhaust system are looking for enhanced sound performance on their vehicle. With a cat back exhaust, you’ll certainly achieve this; giving your vehicle that sweet racing-car growl! 


Axle Back


An axle back system replaces the components that sit behind the axle, all the way to the end of the pipes. Essentially, the axle back includes the pipe and the muffler only. The benefits of choosing an axle back include:


1 . Price


The axle back is less expensive than cat-back systems, yet can still provide an enhanced performance for your vehicle. If you’re looking for an aftermarket exhaust system, but you aren’t keen to overspend, one of these is a great bet.


  1. Easy Installation


Axle backs are easier to install than cat back exhausts. It’s generally because fewer components are replaced, and so you may be able to install the exhaust system yourself. With an axle back you’ll still get improved power and sound performance on your car, though it may not be as impressive when compared with the cat back.


Making the choice 


To make a decision, you’ll need to include your budget and needs. For instance, if you’re a racing enthusiast regularly engaging in competitions, you may want to go for the strongest power and opt for a cat back. Megan Racing offer both types and more should you require more info. However, if you simply want a little more horsepower and sound performance at a nicer price, an axle is likely the one for you.


As with any motor decision, ensure to do your research thoroughly before investing. There are also other types of exhaust systems to take a look into. The decision is just as important as choosing the right car; whether you love the The Lexus RX 450h F Sport or your waiting out for the Aston Martin DBX!

Tinder Prince Charming

A woman used Tinder to help rescue her after her camper van that she was test driving alongside two friends, became stuck on an icy cliff edge. Lonia Haeger was traveling through Norway when she got trapped at the precipice of a cliff edge.

Unfortunately they got stuck in Nordkapp of Northern Norway in an ice storm!

While travelling in the remote Nordkapp of northern Norway the trio got caught in an ice storm.

Lonia, posted on Instagram

“Just after 30 minutes driving down of the North Cape, it started raining…the street iced up that we even couldn’t stay on one point! 

The worst, we stopped in front of a mountain going down, next to the street just ocean and big rocks and we stopped exactly behind a curve.”

The moment you realize your are helpless against Mother Nature.”

Tinder To The Rescue!

They were terrified that anything could have pushed them off the cliff such as a car or the rapidly building ice. Furthermore remote location emergency services were too far away to reach them in time.

So Lonia used Tinder to help her:

“While sitting in our camper with the fear that every second the car could slide down the mountain or a car could crash into our camper due to the slippery road, Phil had the weird but actually genius idea to create a tinder account with me and this fluffy cutie.”

She created a Tinder account with a snap of her and her dog. Then Lonia was able to quickly track down someone near her and her friends to come and rescue them.

Not 5 mins later, they were rescued by a local man called Stian.

She continued on Instagram:

 “Another 5 minutes later he came up with his Bulldozer and shaped lines in the ice. We followed him to the next parking slot and the day after our hero organized tires with spikes! (There wasn’t a mechanic closer than 200km).

“Now we can continue our road trip to the Lofoten. Tusen takk for your help @stianlauluten.”

Steven Stade who organised the trop said that everyone was really worried for them but was glad that Stian the kind construction worker was there to help.

(The Sun)

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season 1

Zombie Army 4 : Dead War is out very very soon! In preparation for the release Rebellion have released a brand new trailer showcasing what’s coming up post game launch in season 1!

The trailer shows off the mini-campaign HELL CULT. Hell Cult will be 3 new missions for 1-4 players. It will also include new character packs, weapon bundles, weapon skins and character outfit bundles.

Rebellion have also promised to release 3 new maps for the Horde Mode. These maps will be absolutely FREE!

Season Pass 1 will grant access to the entirety of Season 1:

  • 3 new campaign missions
  • 4 character packs, featuring playable characters that can be used in any mode
  • 9 weapon bundles including new weapons, charms, skins and more
  • 5 weapon skin packs to customize your arsenal with
  • 4 character outfit bundles, featuring new outfits and hats!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Hitler’s hoards are back and they want to cause just as much havoc! Take on the Zombie hoard with some pretty epic weapons (flamethrower anyone?) whilst taking on a brand new harrowing and spin chilling campaign in 1940’s Europe. As you fight to save humankind from the undead Armageddon!

Zombie Hitler may have been defeated and cast to the depths of hell. However he has risen once again and this time he’s hungrier! You can continue the alternate history of the Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels. Uncover Zombie Hitler’s sinister plan which takes players across Italy and beyond! The fight takes place in corpse riddled canals, Zombie Zoos and other inexplicable places!

The Horde Mode has been expanded and made bigger and better. How I hear you ask? Well the longer you surive the bigger the map gets!

The famous X-Ray Kill Camera returns! Watch in gory slow motion as the bullets and bombs destroy bones in X-Ray!


Build up your character that suits how you play. For example you can become a guardian angel. This character will take damage for your teammates! You can even harness the power of fire, lightning and upgrade your guns at workbenches. As you can create some pretty out of this world guns. A pistol with a flaming bayonet or an assault rifle that shoots lightning!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War has some gnarly enemies, shadow demons, explosive suicide generals, hulking armoured elites and much more!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War looks very scary, crazy and a lot of lot of fun! We cannot wait to get our hands on the full game!

Purchase and Pre-Order by clicking here!

Zombie Army 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 4th.

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Episode 344 Punching Michael B Jordan w/Rory Reid

Range Rover PHEV

We’ve recently been on a fantastic road trip, in a beast of a car, the Range Rover Phev! This was all thanks to an app called THE OUT!


Firstly we want to make a note of how BEAUTIFUL this car is. PHEV vehicles enjoy the same levels of quality and refinement as other Range Rovers. The materials and finish are premium and at an exemplar level. Not only that it also comes with lots of TECH! Just what we love! Such as the Touch Pro Duo and the Interactive Driver Display. Touch Pro Duo is Range Rovers latest entertainment/information technology. They’re calling it infotainment system. It seamlessly integrates two 10” high-definition Touchscreens, allowing you to simultaneously interact with multiple features easily! The Interactive Driver Display is an optional 12.3″ HD display which will show a vast amount of driving information and active safety data. Allowing you to see a full map and control other media. Ever get into a car on a hot day and got burned?! Well to prevent overheating there’s an auto sunblind which will close automatically when passengers have disembarked and the doors locked.


To charge the Range Rover PHEV, it takes 7.5 hours to recharge using your home charging cable. However this is dependent on your local power supply. Furthermore by using Timed Charging you can specify when the PHEV charges. Allowing you to take advantage of off peak electricity tariffs. While by using this you could simply choose the best time of day to charge for you! The PHEV has been designed fantastically, for example the charging port is in the front grille! So not only does it provide an easy connection, it’s hidden from sight and doesn’t affect how the PHEV looks!


Intelligent Plug-In Hybrid Display

Integrated within Touch Pro Duo and the Interactive Driver Display, we are absolutely amazed by this feature. As it will tell you just how good you’re driving, including how efficient you are! So all that money spent on filling up may be down to you! The display will give you real time data about hwo the electric motor is working alongside the petrol engine.

Cabin Preconditioning

This feature would be fantastic on those cold winter mornings! You can pre-heat or pre-cool the inside of the car before you get in via the app. All this without turning on the vehicles engine! Furthermore you still maintain full electric range!

Intelligent Routing

PHEV owners will be able to see where the charging points are as they’ll be highlighted on a given route. This works alongside the InControl feature. It will also detail the most efficient route for both gradient and terrain, shown on the upper Touchscreen.

Plug In Hybrid Fuel Economy







When you are using EV mode, the engine will give a mileage limit of 25-24miles. On Longer journeys both motors (electric/petrol) will work alongside to produce an incredible 72g/km CO2 emissions! Therefore saving on fuel costs and a cleaner environment!


The Range Rover PHEV is the quietest Range Rover! Furthermore it has a seamless transition between petrol and electric, creating a sense of serenity within the interior space.





Exceptional Capabilities

As with all Range Rovers, the Range Rover PHEV is no different. It can handle even the most treacherous of terrains with ease. It will give the most composed and capable drive across any terrain. EV mode allows for exceptional control at low speeds. Plus maintaining Ranger Rovers best in class wading capacity of up to 900mm!






The off roading is super easy with the AWD capabilities. You can attack the demands of the terrain as standard. However with the Optional Terrain Response 2 you can do so much more! The PHEV will automatically adapt to the response of the engine, gearbox, differentials and chassis system, to the driving conditions. Furthermore there’s a total of 7 different driving modes. Such as Dynamic, Eco, Comfort, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts, Sand and Rock Crawl. One aspect of what makes the PHEV have a smooth ride is the Speed Lowering System. This will use the electronic air suspension to reduce the aerodynamic drag at cruising speeds. How? Well the system will lower the vehicle ride height by 15mm from normal ride height. However, this will only happen once 65mph has been reached. Furthermore as part of the Terrain Response, the car will calibrate the suspension settings to provide a more refined drive. For example it will deliver a firmer suspension setting to accomodate a more dynamic driving style.


Advanced Tow Assist will help those with trailers! It will allow you to control the direction of your trailer when reversing. The optional system, the rotary Terrain Response 2 controller, will control your  vehicles steering to achieve the desired trailer trajectory. While, Land Rover’s patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) is a standard feature. This features helps drivers with controlled descents of difficult slopes. It does this by maintaining a constant speed and applying the brake separately to each of the wheels.


The Range Rover PHEV has some incredible all round exterior LED lighting. This is as standard too! They’re pixel laser LED headlights provide 5 times the higher luminance than standard LED lights too! They become operational above 60mph when no other external lights are detected. They’ll produce clear sight for up to 55o meters!

Range Rover PHEV Safety

If a potential collision is detected drivers will get given a warning. This allows you to take action. However, if there is no action, the system will brake for you. A Lane Detection Warning system can warn you when you are unintentionally drifting out of lane. It will too notify you with a visual alert, but also give you a steering wheel vibration. Furthermore when you reverse, the senses in the rear bumper are triggered. The Touchscreen and audio feedback will indicate how close you are to obstacles. The cruise control with speed limiter will also help drivers maintain speed without continued use of the accelerator. Therefore helping to prevent fatigue!

There are also some optional added safety features:

The Drive Pack will give you Driver Condition Monitor, Blind Spot Monitor, Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter!

Drive Pro Pack features all of the above plus Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control and High-Speed Emergency Braking.

While the Park Pack has a 360° Parking Aid and Rear Traffic Monitor. Clear Exit Monitor which will alert backseat passengers to any approaching cars, cyclists or other hazards.

Also the Park Pro features the Park Pack contents and Park Assist to make parallel and perpendicular parking easier than ever by steering your vehicle into a suitable space.

Yet, if you want it all! The Driver Assist Pack contains the most comprehensive suite of drive and park technologies. Building on both the Drive Pro and Park Pro Packs, the Driver Assist Pack offers additional Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist and 360° Surround Camera.

Range Rover PHEV Technologies

Every Range Rover PHEV has a 500mb SIM card equipped. On the Essential data plan you’ll have to pay no extra. You’ll get 500mb of data per month for free for 3 years! Therefore you’ll be able to get live traffic updates and a lot more such as in-car streaming!

Enjoy all that with massage seating!  Enjoy a Hot-Stone massage whilst in the comfort of your seat! Select 25 different massage programmes which include rolling and pulse modes. This is part of optional Comfort and Comfort-Plus seating packs. Which can also come with optional rear Executive Class seats! They’ll be wider and provide deeper cushioning!

That’s not all there’s an optional FRIDGE! Yes a FRIDGE! It will be housed in the front centre console (optional extra) and accommodate up to 4 x 5ooml bottles at 5 degrees! Enjoy your drinks with another optional extra of the rear seat entertainment system which provides 2 10″ HD seat mounted articulated touchscreens!

One AMAZING feature we LOVE is an optional Land Rover Activity Key which is a fully waterproof wristband. This allows you to do things where carrying a key is less convenient. Simply leave your key in the vehicle and take your wristband with you!

Specs – Quick Look

  • Acceleration – Really quick 0-60mph in 6.4 seconds. Compared to a conventional petrol engine, the PHEV P400e gives you an additional boost in performance
  • 404hp – The PHEV p400e has incredible horsepower producing 404hp
  • 24-25mile EV Only Range – Making it able to make short commutes in just electric mode!
  • 72g/km – Incredible miles fuel economy at 85.1-74.7mpg and 72g/km CO2, making it Range Rovers most efficient vehicle to date
  • Stop/Start Tech
  • 4 zone climate control
  • Power gestured controlled boot – simply wave your foot underneath the car to open and raise the boot
  • 13 speaker Meridian sound system

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Jeff Bezos and Saudi Arabia Phone Hacking Links

According to a source speaking to the Guardian anonymously, the Crown Prince sent an infected video file to Jeff Bezos. Following a seemingly friendly exchange on 1st May 2018. According to digital forensic analysis this link infiltrated Bezos’ phone.

This raises difficult questions for the Kingdom, how the National Enquirer, a US tabloid, obtainted details about Bezo’s life.

Furthermore the Crown Prince and his inner circle would be under more scrutiny. What were they doing in the months prior to  the Washington Post Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

Saudi Arabia have previously denied targeting the phone and insist Khashoggi Murder was a result of a “rogue operation”.

Digital forensic experts investigated how Bezo’s texts were obtained by AMI following the leak. AMI insist the brother of Bezo’s girlfriend tipped them off.

The Saudi’s had managed to access private information according to Bezo’s security team.

Writing in the Daily Beast, the head of security of Bezo’s security team stated a “close relationship” between David Pecker, the chief exec of the company that owned the Enquirer and the Saudi Prince.

Forensic Analysis

Agnès Callamard reviewed the forensic analysis, a UN special rapporteur who investigates extrajudicial killings. the infected file is considered to be credible enough for investigators to consider approaching Saudi Arabia for an explanation.

Discovering credible evidence, while investigating the Khashoggi murder that the Crown Prince and other senior Saudi officials were responsible.

While pursuing ‘several leads’ into the murder, declining to comment on the alleged Bezos link.

The Guardian asked if she was challenging Saudi Arabia, following the new allegation. Callamard said she was following all UN protocols, which require investigators informing governments about forthcoming public allegations.

Saudi experts believe Saudi Arabia targeted Bezos because he owns the Post. Following Khashoggi’s critical columns about the Crown Prince that he wrote.

US Dilemmas

Saudi Arabia were targeting Jeff Bezos, it reflects the “personality based” environment according to Andrew Miller, a Middle East expert:

“He probably believed that if he got something on Bezos it could shape coverage of Saudi Arabia in the Post. It is clear that the Saudis have no real boundaries or limits in terms of what they are prepared to do, in order to protect and advance MBS, whether it is going after the head of one of the largest companies in the world or a dissident who is on their own.”

Despite US intelligence finding that a high possibility that Mohammed bin Salman ordering Khashoggi’s murder. Trump and Jared Kushner, still are close with Crown Prince.

Saudi Arabia and AMI have denied Saudi Arabia involvement.

(The Guardian)


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Facebook rudely translating Chinese President’s name?!

Facebook has apologised for translating the Chinese President’s (She Jinping’s) name as “Mr Shithole”. During his visit to Mi-yan-mar this week. The company said the incident was due to a “technical issue” that caused incorrect translations from Burmese to English on Facebook.

Facebook and their Awkward Situation

The technical error produced a rather embarrassing and awkward situation for all the parties involved. As part of his visit to the  Mi-yan-mar, President “SHE”  met with a State Counsellor Ang san suu chi to sign various infrastructure agreements backed by China. A post about the visit was published to suu chi’s official Facebook page, which meant that it was loaded with references to “Mr Shithole” when translated to English.

Additionally, according to Reuters, a headline from the local news site The Irrawaddy was translated as, “Dinner honors president shithole.”

Facebook said it had fixed the technical issue. Reuters reported that Google’s translation system did not produce the same error.

“This should not have happened and we are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Facebook said in a statement to Reuters. “We sincerely apologise for the offence this has caused.”

Facebook explained that the error occurred because its system did not have President SHE’s name in its Burmese database. So it guessed the translation. After running translation tests, the company found that its system also translated similar words. Which start with “SHE” and “shi” in Burmese to “shithole” in English.

Kenneth Wong, a Burmese language instructor at the University of California, Berkeley, told The New York Times that he could understand why a machine would have made that translation error. Wong said that President SHE’s name sounds similar to “chi kyin phyin,”. Which roughly translates to “faeces hole buttocks” in Burmese.


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FLAPGRIP – Securely place your phone anywhere!

The Flapgrip is a small device that allows you to hang your phone almost anywhere.

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Sunday, 26 January 2020

We’ve recently been testing something called a Flapgrip an accessory for your smartphone that makes it more than just a smartphone!

The Flapgrip is a small device that allows you to hang your phone almost anywhere. Simply attach to your smartphone using the adhesive 3M tape provided, push down on the grip and then attach! It’s multifunctional and innovative smartphone grip that we believe that any creator can make use of!

All manner of uses:

  • Use it in your air vent to use as a sat nav style holder for your phone. (Most air vents compatible) Simply plug in and drive!
  • Use it to grip your phone in your hand better by resting the grip securely in between your fingers
  • On a laptop as a video conference holder
  • Also use it as a media player stand!

The Flapgrip is a wonderful little device which is easy to use and one that we think you’ll love! So, check out the video above to see it in action!

Purchase your own Flapgrip by clicking here!

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