Shout Out Festival! (We’re going!)

We’ve been invited to a LIVE podcast festival right here in the UK! It’s called ShoutOut Live! and features a lot of fantastic UK Podcasts, please see below for more information on this incredible event that we’re apart of and where to get your tickets:
ShoutOut Live! The Festival tickets are now available. If you’re a podcast superfan, this event is for you! We have Two Fools Talking’s Soulay and Keira hosting the day. We’re bringing amazingly talented US podcasters The Friend Zone and BuzzFeed’s Another Round with Heben and Tracy.
Not to mention you’ll get to discover fantastic UK podcasts ‘Blacticulate’, ‘Off the Cuff’, ‘How To Kill An Hour’, ‘Pink Matter’, the Afro- Irish podcasters from ‘The Unoriginal Podcast’ and much more. Oh and of course our very own Melanin Millennials and Mostly Lit will be there! It’s going to be an unmissable summer event.
Live Stage
Brilliant Idiots
The Friend Zone
Melanin Millennials
Another Round
Mostly Lit
Discover Stage
How To Kill An Hour
90’s Baby
Pink Matter
Artistic State of Mind
The Unoriginal Podcast
Off The Cuff
Ground Ego
When: 05/08/17
Where: Bedford Way, Russell Square, London
To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!