PowerWall by Tesla

Here at How To Kill An Hour we came across this really cool new product from Tesla called the Powerwall What the Powerwall basically is, is a massive battery for your home. It’s automated and compact so it’s not an eye sore and is super easy to install. The Powerwall is really cool in that it charges using the electricity that is generated from solar panels or when utility rates are low and powers your home in the evening instead of the grid. It’s so powerful you can even go off the grid entirely! Saving yourself a few bucks in the process, all from the power of the SUN! It also acts as a back-up so if there is a power-cut you will know nothing about it because the Powerwall kicks in and allows you to keep on playing that COD marathon!

SWISSGEAR 15inch Notebook Bag!


Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Funk Butcher recently was on the hunt for a new durable bag and discovered the SWISSGEAR 15inch notebook bag. It’s hard wearing and really durable, and holds A LOT of stuff. Funk even said himself that it could hold roughly up to 2 weeks worth of clothing. Whether or not that holds true is up to you to decide, but it looks like it can hold A LOT of stuff:




It comes with and internal pocket includes special pouch to secure and hold a CD Player (who still uses those?) or an MP3 player with an external headphone port so it never has to leave your bag! Either way for £50 it looks like a great bargain!

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GameVice Fun!



Here at How To Kill An Hour we LOVE the GameVice gaming controller for iPhone 6! Just ask Funk Butcher! Some say he is still in the chair from 2 weeks ago and is STILL playing Final Fantasy 7! Gamevice is basically like your PS4 or Xbox One controller but for your iPhone or Idevice (Ipad Pro version coming soon!) It comes equipped with triggers, buttons and joysticks just like a home console controller! So no more greasy fingers on that nice retina screen of yours! Best of all it is completely lag free and connects simply via lightning, just plug and play! Download the GameVice Live app to see what games are compatible and away you go!

To hear more of our thoughts listen to EP 50 Leonardo-D*ck-Caprio or EP 52 Dildo Hoverboard!!!

Available now! (£79.95)

For more information please click here!


Playable DJ Pizza Boxes!

Pizza Hut is going to be your new food companion to the weekly pre-drinks all around the UK. Why I hear you ask? Well the fast food restaurant is launching a world first “The playable DJ Pizza Box” Yes you read that right, a playable DJ Pizza Box. PLAYABLE!! Pizza Hut have partnered with Novalia an electronics company that specialises in adding electronics to the surfaces that we touch on a day to day bases. On the pizza boxes to help you rave before the rave are images of turntables printed in conductive ink – it includes everything any budding DJ could ask for such as Mixer, Cross Fader, Two Decks and so much more (we’ll leave the rest for you to find out yourselves because we know you want to!) The box connects to your phone or laptop via bluetooth and even works with professional software like Serato!

They are very limited, so much so that only 5 will be given to 5 of their 350 restaurants that are spread across the UK. To find out where they are going to be available keep an eye on Pizza Hut’s UK Twitter account.

See below Rinse FM’s very own DJ Vectra giving it a spin:


The Lamzac Fatboy! #ShareTheAir

Image Credit: fatboy.com

Image Credit: fatboy.com

Ever been to the park, a festival or even the beach with no where to sit and you end up getting grass stains on your brand new trousers or sand everywhere (and we mean everywhere!) Even a towel doesn’t really save you from these problems, a towel isn’t even comfortable either!

Well, we can change your outdoor life with a brand new product that hails from the Netherlands. Recently we have been using the Lamzac Fatboy, an inflatable seat or sofa that can hold 2-3 people. It doesn’t require you to stand there all day long inflating it with a foot pump or blowing into a small tube for hours on end. Filled in seconds using a technique you can start to enjoy comfort anywhere you want! It doesn’t take forever to deflate either, just undo the clip, unroll the fabric and release! Done. Then roll it up and place it in the handy bag for next time. Don’t worry its strong and hardwearing too so no need to be concerned about pops and falling and hurting your derrière! 

Find out more information here!

Available for £74.50 here!

Crazy VR Tech!

Credit: Nokia

Credit: Nokia

Remember Nokia, the BIG, well used to be BIG, like HUGE, mobile phone manufacturer, well they arent dead and buried yet. They are BACK in the form of VR cameras!

VR is blowing up! Nokia is happy to help you ride the new wave that is VR, with Nokia creating a VR Broadcasting option for its Ozo Camera (worth $60K) which will show 360-degree video as it happens, complete with spatial audio.

While the likes of you and I wont be able to afford to experiment with it, streaming providers and other broadcasters will be able to play soon.

With the camera reaching a handful of partners in the spring and hopefully be widely available this summer, so don’t be surprised if immersive videos are commonplace in the near future.

The Faithful Mattress!!

Well here’s one for the paranoid lovers out there, someone has come up with a surefire way** to tell infidelity!

There’s a mattress (costing £1,200) which informs you when your partner is CHEATING! (*If they have sex on your bed)

According to its Spanish manufacturers Durmet, it has concealed sensors that are supposed to detect sexy movements and send a text to you or your partners phone depending, if well you know…

The company’s hilarious tagline is:

‘If your partner isn’t faithful, then at least your mattress will be,’ according to the company’s slogan.

Apparently the technology is so advanced,they will be able to see in real time which parts of the bed are being used.

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Cyborg Olympics!

Credit: ironmacfitness.com

Credit: ironmacfitness.com

This looks so cool, I dont even have a joke for it!

Researchers at ETH Zurich, a Swiss technical university, plan to host a “cyborg Olympics” in Zurich this October.

Open to disabled people that use an electronic prosthetic, they will compete in a number of events aimed to mimic real-life events, using robotic devices controlled by their minds, or remote controls.

People with leg prosthetics will climb stairs and walk on stepping-stones; those with arm prosthetics will slice loaves of bread and open jars. All while not being typically ‘Olympic’ if researchers are able to develop robotic solutions to these problems, it could improve the daily lives of many with disabilities, or the world’s growing aging populations.

The goal will be to drive innovation in assistive tech, contestants, who will be called “pilots” instead of “athletes”—as there will be a technology team behind each participant in each event & if the competition is a success, a follow-up event to tie in with the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is hoped for.

Self Lacing Nike’s!

Everything in movies eventually comes true, just like bluetooth phones in Star Trek, now self lacing shoes!

We’re still waiting for the Back to the Future Styled Nike Mag, Nike has revealed its first self lacing shoe – all be it in a different style – “Nike HyperAdapt 1.0”

The shoe senses the wearers heel and tightens its laces accordingly. Though once the shoe is on, the wearer can adjust the fit with two buttons on the side to get things perfect.

Nike is already looking forward to versions that adjust fit on the fly, as the athlete needs more or less tension.

HyperAdapt 1.0 is set to arrive around Christmas and will go on sale only to Nike+ members for an unspecified price.

Let the streaming wars begin!

Credit: Alux.com

Credit: Alux.com

Jay Z being a business  man once again and ripping off the little guy!

Jay Z already pulled ‘Reasonable Doubt’ off Spotify before he launched TIDAL – recently he has quietly pulled his 2001 Blueprint Albums off of ALL streaming services but his own, (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, GooglePlay)

However you can still listen to the majority of  Jay Z’s back-catalogue on those music services – he’s only pulled BluePrint.