Mavic 2

Mavic 2: Brand new Drones!

DJI Mavic vs DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Made in Sweden, Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design, uncompromising image quality, and Swedish craftsmanship. Since 1941, Hasselblad cameras have captured some of the world’s most iconic images – including the first moon landing.

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Mavic 2 Pro

Made in Sweden, Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design, uncompromising image quality, and Swedish craftsmanship. Since 1941, Hasselblad cameras have captured some of the world’s most iconic images – including the first moon landing.

Co-engineered in partnership with Hasselblad after two years of tireless research, the Mavic 2 Pro comes equipped with the all-new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera. The L1D-20c possesses Hasselblad’s unique Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology, helping users to capture gorgeous 20-megapixel aerial shots in stunning color detail.

1-inch CMOS Sensor

The brand new 1-inch CMOS sensor has an active sensing area four times more effective than the original Mavic Pro. The large sensor also means better performance in low-light environments with a more extensive ISO range, max ISO lifted from 3200 to 12800.

10-bit Dlog-M Color Profile

The Mavic 2 Pro supports a 10-bit Dlog-M color profile that yields higher dynamic range for more flexibility in the grading room. The system records over 1 billion colors (compared to the 16 million colors from traditional 8-bit color coding technologies) and retains more in-depth details in both highlights and shadows. Now you can capture the subtlest gradations at sunset or sunrise, leaving greater space for post-production.

HDR Video

With 4K 10-bit HDR support, the Mavic 2 Pro can be plugged into a 4K TV with HLG and will immediately play back footage with the right color tones. The brighter highlights and increased contrast are what make HDR video so appealing.

Adjustable Aperture

The f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture delivers outstanding image quality both in high and low-light environments. When shooting in low light, set the aperture to f/2.8 to allow more light in and to capture bright and clear photos. When shooting in well-lit environments, set the aperture to f/11 to lower the shutter speed and make your videos smoother.

Mavic 2 Zoom

Powered by a 1/2.3-inch 12-megapixel sensor with up to 4x zoom, including a 2x optical zoom (24–48 mm), 4 the Mavic 2 Zoom is all about dynamic perspectives. Capture everything from wide angle to mid-range shots for even more creative options.

More Expressive Mid-Range Shots

Compared to a 24mm wide angle lens, the 48mm telephoto lens compresses your perspective, enhancing the parallax effect for a classic cinematic look. 4 Now a whole new world of aerial photography is open to explore with even more epic, cinematic shots.

A Worry-Free Way to Find a View

When shooting Full HD video, 4x lossless zoom (including 2x optical zoom) gives you a closer view of faraway subjects, making unique scenes more accessible to capture at a distance. This option also helps you maintain a safer distance from buildings, vehicles, animals, and people.

Quick and Accurate Focus

Hybrid autofocus on the Mavic 2 Zoom combines phase and contrast detection for higher focus accuracy with an increased focus speed of up to 40% more than before. The autofocus tracking system makes subjects appear clear and sharp when zooming in and out.

Zoom During Flight

Dolly Zoom is a new QuickShot for the Mavic 2 Zoom, offering an otherworldly perspective in a fully-integrated drone. Dolly Zoom automatically adjusts focus when flying, adding an intense, warping visual effect to your video. When flying manually, you can also set proper focus speed values for even more creative shot options.

Super Resolution Photos

The Mavic 2 Zoom also has a brand new Super Resolution feature. An asset when capturing the vivid details your landscape photography deserves. When taking a picture with a 24 mm equivalent field-of-view, 4the camera will capture and patch nine photos with its telephoto lens, resulting in a 48-megapixel super resolution photo. Compared to ordinary panoramas, the super resolution photos retain the original look of the shooting targets with a more accurate composition.


There is so much more information on DJI’s website! It details all about the cool things that the new DJI Mavic 2 can do! Such as  Active Tracking 2.0 which includes: High speed tracking, trajectory prediction, precise recognition and obstacle sensing. Lowlight improvements, hyperlapse capabilities and longer and quiet flight time. However to get the low down on what these super cool Mavic 2 drones can do head on over to their website here.



Check out their press release here:


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Apple Holiday Showcase

We recently were invited to a super secret Apple Holiday Showcase Event where they showed off all of their latest gadgets and gizmo’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season! They showed off a lot of things from their latest keynotes amongst a bunch of other super cool 3rd party devices that are a lot of fun! Below are some of our favourites! Don’t forget to check out our gallery of the event at the bottom of the blog post!

(All purchase links are affiliate links)

3rd Party Products

Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is a smaller version of the ever popular Sphero. You can do almost everything that it’s bigger brother can do, but in a smaller form size! It’s about the same size as a table-tennis ball! Different to the other Sphero’s available, the Sphero Mini uses facial expresssions to play! Face Drive will track a users expressions such as smiles, frowns, head tilts and more to control Sphero Mini.

The Sphero Mini has three different driving modes within the app: Joystick, Tilt, Slingshot, or Face Drive.

There are also a range of games available to play with Sphero Mini too! Such as:

  1. Exile II: Use Mini as a controller to move and shoot spaceships.
  2. Lightspeed Drifter: Control a futuristic ship racing inside a tunnel with Mini.
  3. Round Trip: Rotate Mini to destroy a polygon of “bricks”.


As with all Sphero’s the Sphero Mini can also help users learn how to code! Using the Edu app you are able to program the Sphero Mini by drawing, dragging blocks or text coding. Sphero Mini comes in 5 colours: blue, green, pink, orange and white. All of which are interchangeable!


  • 10M Range, connect via Bluetooth
  • Charge with the included micro USB
  • LED lights glow in any color
  • Gyroscope & Accelerometer
  • Charge an hour, play for 45 minutes
  • iOS 10+ & Android 5.0+ compatible
  • Height: 42mm / Width: 42mm / Weight 46g
  • Top speed 1m/s
  • Accessories – miniture bowling pins and cones – included

(Spher0) (Purchase £49.99)

Sphero BOLT

The Sphero BOLT is the bigger brother of the Sphero Mini and it does back a punch! Producer Bill had a lot of fun trying to programme the Bolt to go around the table at the Apple Holiday Showcase Event!

It’s designed for children trying to encourage them how to code. However, we feel as though this can be for any age who are into learning how to code! The Bolt uses advanced sensors to track speed, acceleration, direction and drive Bolt without having to aim the robot thanks to the compass! It also uses infared technology to communicate with other BOLTs.  The shell itself is bluetooth enabled allowing it to communicate with the app and other BOLT’s

You can use the Sphero Edu app from a desktop or mobile device to create custom activities or even download some of the aweseome community created programmes to play with. Learning to code can be as simple as drawing on the screen, use Scratch blocks or if you are advanced coder write your own Javascript text!


  • Live Sensors
  • 2Hr Playtime
  • Auto Aiming
  • Inductive Charge
  • Durable Shell
  • Bluetooth Enabled

(Spher0) (Purchase £149.99)


Play Interactive Gameball


This was a lot of fun whilst at the Apple Holiday Showcase event! It’s a simple ball game but has a lot of intelligent tech inside of it!

You can play with an iOS device for on the move fun or via the Apple Tv. The free Gameball app (iOS) comes already loaded with a ton of single and multiplayer games. They’re simple but so much fun! Such as hot potato or who can make the ball spin the most in an allotted time!

The games are focused on improving a players hand eye co-ordination, agility and creative thinking. Such as the single player game called “Impossible” this is a platformer designed to start off easy and get harder as the game progresses. Users will have to think outside the box to think about ever increasing heights, RPMs and airtime challenges.

Whilst Multiplayer games such as Mulitplayer Showdown is a simple racing game. While Party Time is based around silly challenges which will bring family and friends laughing for hours! Other games such as Skyscraper and Sport Labs tap into STEM and the competitive nature of users. As precise airtime, height, speed and catch force is recorded to help a user better understand the physics behind sport.


(Apple, Purchase here)

DJI Tello Edu

This drone from DJI is designed for the first time Drone flyers or children who are looking into drones as a hobby.


Again, like many of the devices we have featured here, the Tello Edu drone is designed to help younger people get into coding. It’s the ideal for anyone engaged in STEAM-based learning. The drone flys incredibly well and has DJI’s cutting edge flight technology like many of it’s bigger drones. Allowing for precise and stable flying.

The drone is super light and very strong, making it great to learn how to fly drones inside as it’s less susceptible to breakages and/or injuries. Plus, for all the young filmakers out there the drone has an incredible 720p video recoring camera on it and can take pictures with it’s 5MP Camera!

The Tello Edu App in conjunction with Swift Playgrounds will help users code the drone. It’s made it easier for children and novice coders with the introduction of colourful interface, helping users easily navigate themselves around the app. Therefore allowing users to have complete control of their drone whilst completing simple manoeuvres


  • Enhance your flight with DJI’s flight control technology
  • Learn coding with Swift, Scratch or Python
  • Program a swarm of drones
  • Mission Pads offer multiple fun uses
  • Unlock more programming possibilities with the upgraded SDK 2.0
  • Control Tello Edu with the app on your iPhone or iPad
  • 5MP photos and 720p video with Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Precise hovering
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Safe and easy to use

(Apple/Purchase £139.95)

Apple Products

iPhone Xr


iPhone Xr was really impressive! We loved the form factor and the fact that it can do almost as much as the more powerful size iPhones The lower end of the Apple iPhone lineup but still as incredibly powered as it’s more flagship devices. The iPhone Xr is all screen, glass, allowing for wireless charging and aluminium design. With an LCD screen that’s the mosr advanced LCD in a smartphone, Liquid Retina, standing a 6.1 inches. iPhone Xr features Face ID, True Depth camera system, the same camera system as the iPhone Xs which creates dynamic portraits in a single camera lens. The iPhone Xr is also IP67 rated, protecting it from every day splashes. (Read More)

(Purchase £749)



iPad Pro

The iPad Pro was very impressive, we love how sharp and clean it looks! The design is definitely one of the best designs that we have seen here at How To Kill An Hour.  Using it in person the device is super quick and can undertake tasks quicker than a regular laptop can. Even dual loading two different apps at one time. We can definitely see this replacing some laptops for some of our readers out there. This device is definitely one to keep an eye on!

The iPad Pro has seen an incredible upgrade, marking the biggest change to iPad ever. The display has been transformed into a beautiful edge to edge Liquid Retina display. It now includes Face ID, USB C and out performs many PC laptops. Furthermore there are updates to Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio. The second generation Apple Pencil now connects to the iPad Pro magnetically, wirelessly charging at the same time. The Smart Keyboard Folio has a brand new design that’s adjustable for added versatility. (Read More) (Purchase 11″ £769 / 12.9″ £969)

Macbook Air

Apple announced a brand new version of the Macbook Air recently to replace the current Macbook Air. This new Macbook Air features slimmer bezels on a stunning 13-inch Retina display, Touch ID and the latest processors. Making the worlds most loved notebook, the Macbook Air, even better! Seeing it in person is really really impressive. Again, this little Macbook is crazy quick and is perfect for all the bloggers and students out there!

The keyboard has been improved to share the same quality keyboard than that of Macbook and Macbook Pro. But it’s in it’s 3rd generation, with a slight improvement on the ones in the Macbook and Macbook Pro’s. Furthermore the Macbook Air’s trackpad has also been improved. Pressure sensing capabilities and haptic feedback on a 20% larger trackpad offering a quieter and more capable trackpad experience.

Audio experience on the new Macbook Air has also been improved seeing a 25% loudness imcrease and 2x more bass than the previous generation. The Macbook Air also comes with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. Allowing connections to external storage, docks for additional ports and 4K and 5K displays. (Read More)

Mac Mini

Mac Mini has had a upgrade in performance. The device now comes with quad and 6-core processors, up to 64gb memory and up to 2TB of all-flash storage. Therefore increasing the speed to up to 5 times faster performance than the previous generation. The quad-and 6-core 8th generation Intel Core processors with up to speeds of 4.6GHz and Intel UHD graphics is responsible for this massive increase in performance. As a result rivalling many larger, more powerful machines. Allowing users to perform tasks such as video editing, software development and photo editing at a much faster rate than previously.

This little powerhouse is not shy of ports either. It has 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, each with double the performance of the previous Mac Mini. It can connect to high speed storage, 4K & 5K Thunderbolt displays and output video in three different formats. The Mac Mini also has a HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB-A ports, an audio jack and 10gb Ethernet ports. (Read More)

(Purchase £799)


The Homepod is very impressive as a singular device. However in a stereo pair the smart speaker is very very very VERY impressive. We were blown away how clear the audio was coming out of this little device. You can hear every little musical intrument and the bass is powerful but not overpowering. Even at a low volume, we could still hear the bass and the vocals. Nothing was lost. Nothing was taken away. At either end of the spectrum of volume.

AirPlay 2 alongside bring with it stereo play with 2x Homepods, it also brings multi room playing so if one Homepod is in the kitchen and one homepod is in the living room, you can simply ask Siri to play “Pop Music” in the Kitchen, whilst staying in the living room. Living Room’s music will be untouched. Seriously impressive.


All the speakers, tweakers and all music based tech from within Homepod is all Apple built and with this brings tremendous sounding music. The way that the speakers are formed and the brains from within the device, the A8 chip. Allow the speaker to adjust itself to wherever it is and from any room – even if it’s moved. No longer is sound directly forced in front of you. With the HomePod, the audio is all around you. You get the best experience, from anywhere in the room.

Consequently we are very impressed by this and cannot wait to continue learning more about this wonderful device. As audiophiles we are blown away by the craftsmanship and quality of this device.

(Purchase £319)



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Episode 304 Apple Holiday Showcase

project maven

Project Maven

Google have announced that they have a part in ‘Project Maven’. A project in which as Gizmodo are reporting, ‘helping the Pentagon build AI for drones’ CRAZY NEWS!

The project began in 2017 as a pilot program to simply speed up the United States military’s implementation of the most up to date technology of artificial intelligence.

It’s a relatively cheap programme too! Project Maven is said to cost less than $70M in it’s first year. Focusing solely on integrating machine learning in it’s drones. Why would the Pentagon want to invest in improving AI in drones? To improve it’s intelligence when it comes to targeting drone strikes.

Project Maven: Peace

Google released a statement on Tuesday of last week, claiming it’s part in Project Maven. Stating that it’s involvement in the project was simply a peaceful one. Stating that Project Maven was “Specifically scoped to be for non-offensive purposes.”

Since then many sectors of Google itself have called upon it’s CEO to pull them out of the project. With the Verge reporting that 3,100 employees have signed a letter urging the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, to re-evaluate it’s involvement. Stating that Google should not be in ‘the business of war’ – With Diane Green head of Google’s cloud operations also emphasizing Google’s peaceful stance. Stating that their tech will not be used to fly drones, nor will it launch any weapons.

Details on what Google are actually doing working on Project Maven aren’t very clear. A Google spokesperson did confirm to the Verge that they have given the department of defence access to software (TensorFlow) that is used to help machine learning apps understand contents of photos.

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Episode 254 Star Wars Drones!

Gun-firing drones

US firm reveals gun-toting drone that can fire in mid-air


A tech firm in America has developed drones that are able to aim and fire while flying in mid-air.

The Tikad drone, developed by Duke Robotics, is armed with a machine-gun and a grenade launcher.

The gun can be fired remotely by remote control and have been designed to with the ideal to reduce military casualties  by cutting down the number of troops on the ground.


Campaigners have been pretty vocal about the concerns they have about these drones, such as them being mis-used and killing innocent people.

Robotics expert Professor seems to agree with these concerns as he said ‘there have been many legal cases of human-rights violations using the large fixed-wing drones, and these could potentially result in many more.”


There has already been a lot interest in the drone from several governments but how it will be rolled out in the future will depend on America.

Episode 222 – Mario Kart Online


Marcus recently went to a press day and checked out the amazing AirSelfie! AirSelfie is a revolutionary pocket-size flying camera that connects with your smartphone to let you take boundless HD photos of you, your friends, and your life from the sky. Its turbo fan propellers can thrust up to 20 meters in the air letting you capture wide, truly original photos and videos on your device. The anti-vibration shock absorber and 5 MP camera ensure the highest quality images. And its ultra-light 61g form that slips into a special phone cover and charger means you can keep AirSelfie on you at all times. Say hello to the future of selfies.

To learn more about the AirSelfie please click here!

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Proper Start Wars Drone

Star Wars Drones!


Bring the magic of flight to a whole new dimension with our Star Wars high performance drones. Pilot your favorite Star Wars ships at speeds above 35 MPH and engage friends and family in exciting multiplayer laser battles. Each Propel Star Wars drone is extremely detailed, hand painted to model quality finish, certified, numbered and packed in a collectable display box. (information credit: Propel)





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(UPDATE) Drone Racing

This is an old article from 30th March 2016. It includes a link to hear Marcus Bronzy chatting to James Trew of Engadget chatting about drones and much much more! 

It’s boring being an adult, look at how cool these toys are!! Big boys and our drone racing, drone flying, drone everything toys!! These crazy people are racing drones now!

Skilled pilots fly quad-copter drones through real life courses at speeds up to 120mph. The drones are custom built for speed, agility, and performance & these crazy son’s of naughty words are real life pilots! Steering from the point of view of the drone by wearing First Person View (FPV) goggles that display a live image transmitted by an onboard camera.

Flying a drone competitively at high speed in FPV is an intense, immersive experience.

I don’t know about you but I want a go NOW!

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